Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

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This is our favorite book.Have to read it with green eggs and ham.

Perfect book for 3-5 year olds. It is easy for their little minds to playback easy in their heads and repeat from memory. A great idea also is after you read it to them... make green eggs and ham! You get the bonding experience with your child and they get a cooking lesson! Love this book and the memories it brought me with my sons!

This is my kids, and my, favorite Dr. Suess book! It's a classic that will never get old.

green eggs and ham will always be a favorite of mine. nobody tops dr seuss when it comes to children's book. i would recommend this to anyone!

This is my favorite book especially on dr. Seuss's birthday with green eggs and ham to go with it

I like this book Sam I am, I like to read it, with green eggs and ham!

I absolutely love this book!

This book was one of my kid's favorites. I read it to them over and over until they started reading it for themselves. Then they read it to me over and over. But we never tired of it. It isn't a challenging book. Nothing to seek or find but a simple, entertaining book all kids love.

Favorite childhood book.

Classic book. This will be great for generations to come

I love this book. I have read this book to all of my children. After reading the book, we would prepare green eggs and ham.

Love this book!!! Perfect for little ones!

I read this book to my son 19months daily every night and out of all the books he have he seems to grab this one all the time. I do love dr seuss books

such a classic love this book ! green eggs & ham day yum!

Classic! Love this book and so do my children.