Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner

Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner

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It smelled great and worked well on my hair but I don't like all the chemicals in it. I have pretty intense red hair and maintenance for it is so hard. So this probably wasn't the best product to use on color treated hair.

I decided to try this Pantene because it was all natural and eco friendly, I like Pantene shampoo and conditioner but was not very happy with this one. The shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling heavy and it felt like I didn't rinse very well and I did. I would not buy this again.

I like the eco-friendly bottle. Wish more manufacturers/products would put more time and effort into this concept. As for the product... it was OK. The smell was nice and since I have very fine hair it is important that my conditioners do not weigh down my hair. This conditioner did not weigh down or flatten. Overall, for the price it was OK.

I have been using Pantene regularly so when I had the opportunity to try out this new product, I was thrilled. I love how the bottle is made out of natural sugarcane! This is wonderful for my hair in winter!

I didn't use this much on my hair because it weighed it down & left my hair very unmanageable. I did however use it as a shave lotion for my legs. Years ago I heard using conditioner for shaving worked better than most share gels or regular soap. This worked great for shaving. I'll finish the bottle by using it for that.

The conditioner didn't work as well as I expected it to. My hair was still a tad dry and frizzy at the end and not as soft and manageable as I expected it to be.

Loved the feel and smell. The fact it;'s environmentally safe is a huge bonus.

I was impressed with the all new bottle that Pantene has it show they are moving in the rite steps to help our enviroment. For the shampoo and conditioner I really liked them. I found that with the shampoo a little goes a long way, and I have really thick and long hair. I will buy this product from now on.

I was excited to try thins product. I loved that the product is made with renewable resources and is recyclable. It would make me more inclined to purchase it. As for the shampoo and conditioner itself, it was ok. I thought the conditioner left my hair feeling smooth. However there was some residue left as I have often had a problem with pantene. I was also put off by the yellow color. I was surprised to see it colored at all.

I like this product a lot. I love that it has natural products and that the bottle is recyclable. I use this conditioner everyday and I love how soft it makes my hair feel. I have long hair and I like how this conditioner makes it look healthy and shiny.

I have fine hair that I wash every day. Still use a bit of conditioner to make it more manageable and brush easily. I like the scent of the conditioner and the fact that it is light and doesn't weight down my hair and doesn't make it feel greasy. Not crazy about the shampoo from the same line. i find that the name (Nature Fusion) is confusing as their is nothing natural about this shampoo and conditioner, just the packaging.

I was really glad that I had the opportunity to try this version of Pantene, because I was quite curious about it. I am really impressed with the eco-friendly bottle and the use of sugarcane that is harvested on abandoned pastureland, which in turn didn?t result in deforestation. The fact that the bottles are also 100% recyclable is another plus. As far as the results that I received when using it on my hair, I had mixed feelings. The scent is just lovely. I wouldn?t change a thing about that. I preferred the conditioner over the shampoo, because the shampoo dried my hair out. The use of the conditioner helped a little, but it didn?t quite leave my hair with the healthy feeling that I wanted. My hair felt dried out and was a bit on the dull side after using the products. There is one last thing, while the use of naturally-derived ingredients in the packaging are evident, I really wish the same held true for the actually shampoo ad conditioner. I do not find the ingredients in their shampoos and conditioners to be extremely natural. This is the case for many commercial hair care products. Having said that, I would really love it if Pantene came out with hair care products that are all natural without any artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals.

Both these products were fabulous but especially the conditioner! Left volume but no frizz, sleekness but no flatness, and best of all, all natural! I also love the packaging and the scent. Could not be more pleased.

this is so great i FINALLY found a product that doesn't make my hair oily every time THANKS. I can now throw out all the other brands bc lets face it my bathroom is wall to wall of shampoo's bc nothing has worked!

I loved this conditioner. I love that it is made from natural products, and yet it still smells great. I wondered if it would condition well- but it really does. My hair felt soft and looked better after using it. I like it much better then what I was using before!