BiC Mark-It

BiC Mark-It

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These markers are awesome! They don't smear and write great. Even on small stuff! Highly recommend.

I have a BIG fascination with writing utensils. So this was a really big treat! Love using the Bic markers for anything and everything. Absolutely love the colors and their names. Thanks for sending these!

The colors were awesome and no bleeding

These are fantastic markers, especially for crafty people like me. I love using them when making my hand-made cards. There is such a wonderful choice of colors and they are permanent and don't smear. I love these Bic markers!

These pens are fantastic. They are permanent markers with a moderately fine tip. Very nice to write with, very comfortable also. Would highly recommend. One of my favorite pens to write with and they come in a nice variety of colors.

I can't stop using these! I love all the colors and how comfortable it is to write with!

I have a 12-year old daughter who loves to doodle with these pens. I have been adding them to her lunch with a little note. She has really enjoyed her little presents! These are great pens - vibrant in color and easy to doodle with. I love that they are permanent so I can use them like a Sharpie.

I am always looking for perm. markers these where GREAT!!! I have to hide them from my kids though:) I've already put them to good use, they have great color and fine tip for easy writing. Thank You.

Since I don't have children, I took my pens to work and shared with my co-worker. We both love the colors. Thanks Cravebox

Fun markers in really fun colors. Love the fun tip for writing on paper. Makes it so much easier

Great Colors, easy fluid writing...cute names for the colors of the markers as well

A wonderful alternative to Sharpies, I love the color palate for spring! I keep them all in my top drawer at work and use them to highlight things or make notes when I need a burst of color. So much better than the "Bic for Her" pens!

Nice thin, smooth fluid lines. This worked great for writing my Mom's name in her clothes while she is in the nursing home. I like colors and the finer point of the markers. I also liked that they are acid free and work great on glass, metal, foil, plastics, photos, and coated paper. My husband tried one out in the garage and said it work well on an oil can that had oil residue on it! very impressive and the price is reasonable. Us girls in the family liked the colors, but the boys wanted manly colors! lol great find in my Crave Box for sure!

Great permanent marker. Like that they are acid free and great for glass, metal, foil, plastics, photos, coated papers and even oily and damp surfaces. My daughter has used them way more than I have. Reasonably priced will buy again if I need a permanent marker. Saw them at W-Mart website for $6.28 (12 pack).

Love these permanent markers! They're about 1 step down from Sharpie but still really great quality and at a much more reasonable price. I was so excited to see that the cravebox included SO MANY different colors! They look great and write even better. I showed them to my best friend and she wanted to steal them from me :-) Now she's trying to sign up for a cravebox just so she can get all the cool stuff too! Fabulous colors, great writing utensils, these will get a lot of use in my apt!