Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

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i actually liked the degree of the beads and felt they were really cleaning my face. The scent was pleasant and if it did not contain some ingredients I like to stay away from I would have continued to use it. I will recommend it to others I know though that don't really care as much about the ingredients.

I have been using this for a few weeks now and think this product works great for me. I feel like it's actually cleaniing my pores..I just use a dab of it every morning and night.

I have combination skin and it's hard to find products that help both. I really like the Facial Scrub, it has the right consistency for a facial scrub and love the natural ingredients. There was really no smell to it, which I kind of like a at least a light scent, but overall, it's a pretty good product!

This scrub is not like any other! It is gentle yet effective! I am happy to say that this left my skin moisturized while removing all of those annoying little pieces that I get sometimes!

I love the packaging and the concept. The scent is pleasing and I love the micro-beads. I do have a problem rinsing it all off of my face. Everyone is different. I would recommend it to a friend.

First of all I have to say I just love the scent it has, so fresh and welcoming to me. It was so easy to apply to my facial skin, the miroc- beads, were soft to my skin and left it feeling very clean and soft. Except at first my face felt dry, like I couldnt wait to apply facial cream to relive it, but after using for a few days this feeling left me. I love the light weight feeling it has when applying. it left my face looks so clean with nice shine and glow. It really make's my face look more healthy, I love it and thank you for the chance to try it and would tell anyone and have, to buy it for themselves.

I received this as a sample & fell in love with it! Love the smell & how it feels & cleans! Even my daughter switched scrubs to this one! I had to go out & buy another one!

I love face washes and scrubs. This scrub is something yet to be desired. There are scrubbing beads that are too rough. They actually hurt, and feel more like a sandpaper sanding. I would have enjoyed this product if the beads were smaller and more gentle. The scent was okay, boarderlining a cleaning solvent. My face did feel really clean, however I wish that the process was more enjoyable.

I liked the size of the beads and how it srubed my face. I do not think it was too harsh on my skin. The only thing I did not like is the smell. It is not pleasant. Overall, this is a good facial scrub, but the smell could of been nicer.

I loved the simple facial scurb. I always use St. Ives product. It does a god job of cleaning the face without the harsh chemicals. I like it and will continue using it.

I agree with the reviews; I'm not too keen on the smell. It is unpleasant but you can deal with it. It's not overbearing. Other than the scent, I like the tiny particles. It does not feel like I'm scrubbing my skin off. The tiny particles exfoliate your skin while cleansing.

I have used similar products in the past, and I'm not sure I like the consistency of this face scrub. I feel like I have to use a lot of it to feel like my face is clean, and I have been using it for about a week or two and the tube is 1/3 gone. I didn't have an allergic reaction and my skin is not super-sensitive, which is good. I also noticed that it had a weird smell to it; not unpleasant, but strange, like plastic, similar to what another reviewer suggested. I did like the fact that it is made with "natural" ingredients. I didn't hate it, so I would give another product in this line a try.

My Skin is dry, Red and sensitive. I never get breakouts and i'd have to go a week of not washing my face to feel any oil on my skin! I have a hard time finding the right products for my skin. THIS Facial scrub is AMAZING!! I havent had a tight red face in 2 weeks!!!

very very gentle on my skin and makes your skin so smooth and soft !!!!

I have sensitive skin and this product is great. It cleans my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth without any irritation. The scent is not overwhelming.