Olay  Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons

Olay Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons

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Yep, I agree Stacey, this stuff was yucky. It began to seperate in the bottle and was really sticky to my skin and shower.... did not finish it

This body wash was great. The scent stayed with me throughout most of the day and my skin was very moisturized and soft. I almost didn't need to use lotion...Great product and it is definitely made more for women.

makes my extra dry skin feel more moisturized than most other body washes i've tried.

I like Olay Ribbons. I feel silk smooth after rinsing off. You only need a small dab to wash with.

feels like you have film allover your body after rinsing thoroughly and worse yet it sticks to the shower walls like glue and you have to practically use scrubber sponge to get off the walls