CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

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I received the CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner in my P&G box. I received the shade 210 Espresso. I really loved the color of the eyeliner, it is definitely neutral and will work with any eye color. I have green eyes, and a smoky dark brown like this definitely makes my eye color pop. The color was superb, the applicator twisted up without a problem, and the blender on the end is covered, which is important. Overall, this eye liner is mechanically sound. This eye liner is great if you only plan to use it for a couple of hours. Eye liner is a part of my every day look, and I felt that this eye liner was more for a quick show, than a long day. The eyeliner was definitely not water resistant. It lasted long, but melted off pretty quick even without heat or sweat and before I even had a chance to get oily. The line did not stay, even with a clean base. Although I prefer this color and applicator to other eyeliners, the staying power does not compare to my normal eye liner. (Smashbox limitless) I would recommend this to someone who likes a long lasting eye liner, but does not mind using a base AND a good setting with powder after applying it. I prefer a clean edgy look with eyeliner and the lines blur. For a strong stay put line I would give this 0 stars, but for a smoky smudgy look ... I would give this 5 stars so I am averaging it out to 3 overall.

Everything I need in an eyeliner, color is soft and natural, the pencil glides across the skin allowing me to draw a smooth line, color easily blends and I don't need a sharpener. Great product.

I really liked this eye pencil, the color is perfect! It's goes on very easily and smooths out perfectly.

Easy on, easy off. The self sharpening end is great, the smudge tip worked great. Some eyeliners are hard,but this was gentle and smooth. The color was dark and rich. a definite thumbs up!

Easy to use, stayed on all day. I usually use avon glimmersticks, but I would use this eyeliner for sure.

i really like this eyeliner verses the others its easy to use and really lasts

This eyeliner was easy to apply and stayed on all day. I liked how I could choose between a thin line or a smoky look (by using the blending sponge on the other end). It's great that you don't need to sharpen the pencil.

This Covergirl eyeliner is great its better than expensive eyeliner. It lasted all day long. I will never again waste my money on expensive eyeliner. It went on so smooth. I love the fact I don't have to sharpen it ever.

I am not generally an eyeliner person, but I genuinely liked this. It went on easily and quickly and added definition to my eyes. Definitely a keeper for me!

Went on easily and covered on the first swipe. Eyeliner is one of my favorite simple beauty items and always goes in my overnight bag. I love how CoverGirl will last all day and is so easy to apply. I am not a beauty expert or even a master make-up applier and I can use it. It is a beauty bag must have!

I was able to try this product through my SheSpeaks P&G sampler pack I received. It came in cocoa, which is a great versatile shade. I love how smooth it glides on, and how you don't have to keep reapplying all day to get desired effect to last. I feel like I"m wasting product when I try to sharpen my eyeliner, so the fact that this is self sharpening is a great addition! Thanks SheSpeaks and P&G for giving me the wonderful opportunity to try this product. I have recommended it to so many people via social media and by word of mouth. I'm a beauty junkie, and I happily promote any beauty product I fall in love with. This is one of them!

nice color easy to use and apply, I like that it makes a thin line easily

I loved the color, the texture/feel of it on my eyes and lips. I usually wouldn't go for a brown eyeliner but I must say it works/looks better on me than the solid black that I have always used. I loved the fact that I dont need to sharpen it to which makes far more efficient and without the hassle.

I'm not one to use eyeliner much, but this product may make me change my mind. It was easy to use, not 'clumpy' and had great results.

I really liked this eyeliner. I'm partial to black, but it was nice to try a different color. I did find myself using quite a bit of it, but it lasted a good amount of time.