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  • Camkay03 By  Camkay03    

    More affordable than most! A good toilet paper, gets the job done but there are softer stronger brands out there.

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  • hope500 By  hope500    

    I like it for two simple reasons, soft and it is affordable

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  • kristen_b By  kristen_b    

    I buy this brand mostly because of price. I used to buy for quality as well, but believe they no longer make it as well. It cleans well, but doesn't last long.

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  • jillrae By  jillrae    

    I use to like Angle Soft, but their quality has gone down hill!!! We recently bought some and I thought we had accidently bought a no-name brand because it was so thin. I am very disappointed in the quality of this product now and will not buy it again

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  • risible295 By  risible295    

    Love this tissue, found out from my septic guy this is easier on the flow and it will keep him away a little longer. It is gentle on the bum bum let my kids tell it and if you get the bigger rolls they last a little longer.

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  • sandyld7 By  sandyld7    

    I like how soft it is. A roll does not last as long as some other brands, but it is better for using on my face and other tender areas.

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  • Brandy22814 By  Brandy22814    

    I hate this toilet paper. It falls apart and your fingers go through it. It just sucks.

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    I got this for free not from this site though to test out. I don't like it. I got 2 play and it was sheet thin and weird. Cheao rough quality and fear for my fingers!! I love quilted nothern 3 ply that I got for free to test out. So happy I got my 18 mega rolls pack of that! Awesome brand! I love Charmin ultra soft as well.

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  • midnightblue By  midnightblue    

    Soft toilet paper. Doesn't tear. But not as long lasting. You usually need to use more of this one than other brands.

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  • diallk By  diallk    

    Super Soft and cozy but not as long lasting or durable as other brands.

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  • msshun24 By  msshun24    

    Good price and always has coupons for additional savings. Rolls are small and don't last as long.

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  • Flarelady By  Flarelady    

    Good price and good buy. Love the coupons it helps out with the shopping.

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  • chirpyswati By  chirpyswati    

    Affordable. Very good tissue for its softness but a bit too soft as leaves residue nonetheless a good one for daily use. recomended.

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  • tabiholloway By  tabiholloway    

    Good quality for a great price! This is the only type we use at home. It's soft and strong!

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  • Hrlney27 By  Hrlney27    

    Good quality and softness. Usually good prices. You do not need and over abundance to wipe with. Very durable and because of that the rolls last!

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