Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

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My mother has her copy from the 1960's and I have a copy from when I got married in 1998. I just love it. I have learned so much. The basics on cooking meat to delicious desserts. I always find a dish to make to bring to a church dinner. Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook is the best.

The Better Homes Cookbook has been a staple in my home since I got married back in 1993! The cookbook has an easy layout so that any cook, experienced or not can find just the right recipe. I keep this must-have cookbook right next to my stove so that I can have quick access to it at all times. Not only do I love the recipes in the Better Homes cookbook but I also love all the other tidbits in it like the useful information about cooking temperatures, substituations and even weights and measures. I always make a little note next to each recipe that I make so that in the future I can see how many times I have prepared each one. I make it a point to give the Better Homes cookbook as a bridal shower present because I know that it will be used for many years to come.

This was one of my first cook books that I had gotten before I had gotten married. There step by step instructions are easy to follow. I love the pictures that go along with the recipes. I know Better Homes and Garden cookbooks have update and published several books over the years and I have several of them an every one of them are just as great as my first one.

This was my first cookbook that I received once I started cooking on my own when I was about 16. I have cooked almost every recipe and this is one book I have not passed up. I have in turned bought this book for other new home owners or new cooks in hopes they love it as much as I do. It is easy to follow and has great pictures. This is the only book you'll need.

I use this cookbook almost every night, not only for recipes but sometimes just to find out the right temperature I need for my chicken in the oven; or how long to keep a meatloaf. My mom appreciates not getting so many phone calls now! And my roommate loves my meals :)

I received this 10 years ago for a wedding gift and use it all the time!! It is great.

Yes, it's basic and yes, every bride-to-be gets one at her shower -- but there's a reason for that! Don't poo-poo the red & white checkerboard. I have learned over the years that this is a true go-to book. And, it has so many of the "basics" that it's always my first grab when I'm starting off fresh with a new idea or concept. Also, if you ever find any of the vintage Christmas cooky (that's how it's spelled) books - GRAB IT. These books are classics and I hope they never go out of style!

Oh the stories this cookbook could tell you! It's saved me time and time again and I always know I can find my answers here. Even if you just want to know how to boil an egg, this book will tell you. I got this book as a wedding gift. I'd actually registered for it because my own mothers version from her high school home economics class was a fixture in the kitchen when I was growing up. Hers is now falling apart at the seems but that's because it's 40+ years old and has been well loved. The best part of this book though, you ask? It's always got something new for me to try. This summer I decided I wanted to learn how to make jam. I made jam and this cookbook had specific instructions and pictures to make it easier. My jam is awesome! Summer in a jar. I'd recommend this cookbook as a staple in any kitchen, especially for the new cook.

What I love about his cookbook is that it gives you the basics. There hasn't been a recipe that I've come across in any book that I can't take back to the red and white book andfigure out how to make it my own. I'm not so good at not following a recipe so it's essential for me to have a concrete starting place. With the outline of cooking that the red and white book gives you it's easy to insert and and substract what you like and don't.

My mom has this cookbook, so I grew up using it. When I moved out on my own in 1990, my mom gave me my own copy of this classic. We move around a lot as a military family, so books come and books go; this cookbook is THE go-to book for making everything. Now my daughters are learning to cook, and this is the book we always consult first--even before the internet. And in 2011, that's saying something right there.

The RedBook is a classic and definitely a favorite in my family! I was given this cookbook when I got married and have now just recently purchased for my daughter. Everything from how to cook a hard boiled egg to making stuffed peppers. Recipes like the comfort foods of meatloaf and stews and variety of other recipes like chicken enchiladas! Is also filled with helpful hints, measurement conversions, and item substitutions. I absolutely would recommend this as we cannot live without!

Of all of my cookbooks, this one is my favorite and the one I will start with when searching for a recipe. I have used it so much that it's worn and showing signs of use! I love the numerous variations I can find on a recipe and I credit this cookbook as being my primer for learning how to meld ingredients for the best flavor! It's a classic that offers simple, yet flavorful, recipes.

This is a classic cook book! Everyone should have one in their kitchen. It has all the basics including pictures so you know what the end result is supposed to look like. I like pictures because sometimes my end result looks nothing like the picture or tastes like the picture! Oh well! At least I'm trying!!!

This is my first choice for a go-to cookbook. It has all the basics, lots of pictures and easy to follow steps. If I had only one cookbook in my house - this would be the one!

I have always used this cookbook, starting when i was a child at home using Moms, then when i got married Mom gave me my own. It is so easy to use, simple instructions even for the novice. When I am needing a recipe this is the first book I pick up. This book will also be the wedding gift to my daughter when she gets married. Everyone knows or has seen the red checked cook books and know someone who has one.