ThermaCare HeatWraps

ThermaCare HeatWraps

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I have used these before and it helps with releving pain also if you can't quite get warm it warms you up. Love it!

I purchased these out of desperation during a 2 week tension headache/migraine. Immediately after checking out I put one of these on hoping that it was the solution that I was looking for. the tape to hold it on your neck sounded like a good idea, but it was not! all it did was pull my hair (I have long hair) and I still spent most of the time with it on holding it in place because there was no way to get it close to staying where I wanted it. after a half hour (if even that long) I went to another store and purchased a real heating pad. Kept this one on for an hour trying to give it a chance, but by the time I took it off there was NO heat left in it! there is no way it would last for 8 hours like the package said! biggest waste of money!

Love these!!! They work great and are perfect for on the go (ex. in the car on a long trip)

I LOVE Thermacare! I have chronic lower back pain and won't take narcotics, so these help tremendously. I also have sciatica which is very painful during flair ups. I discovered Thermacare several years ago and always have a few on hand. I keep some at home and at least one in my work bag. I slap one on, take a few ibuprofen and move along with my day. I have tried numerous store brands and they just aren't the same. Can't live without them.

I love these.My husband works with computers and he has to often lift heavy computer equipment and has back pain from it.I love this because it helps to ease the tension in his back or where ever he needs them.Would defiantly recommend this product to those who have back pain especially to those who have jobs that there is a lot of heavy lifting.So worth the money.

Im a cronic back pain sufferer and love this product (do wish wasn't so expensive and/or coupons) It helps alot!

I love these! They work great for cramps when you can't stay at home with a head pad on your tummy.

I had a knee replacement and it really helped ease the pain.

I used these after straining my back. They are not noticeable under clothing, and can be worn to work or wherever else you need to be. They last several hours, and definitely loosen up the back muscles. I would definitely recommend them.

I had a pinched nerve in my neck, and tried these out. Really helped with mobility for a couple of days, wasn't too hot, and lasted almost 8 hours.