Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

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This product was terrible. I convinced my daughter to try two, she hated both and I was actually grossed out by the congealed texture of one of them. I simply threw out the other two - I didn't feel it was appropriate to give out to other kids what I wouldn't feed to my dog.

Daughter disliked this one. She said noodles were mushy and she didn't taste tomato. 2 bites in and she was done. Asked me not to get this one again.

My kids did not like the texture, taste or smell. We had a hard time trying more than 3 bites.

My oldest son was excited to eat this, he leaves when I make this dish from scratch. I thought it would be a great meal for nights we're in a hurry and have no leftovers. We were both wrong. It was flat tasting, the noodles were mushy and did not taste good at all.

My son really enjoyed this one. He said it tasted very good. He polished it off without any prodding!

My 5 year old daughter said "It is very good!" I tried it as well, and thought it was pretty decent. I would recommend this one, assuming they like beefaroni type flavors.

She tried it. She stated " It was ok" not one of her favorites, I have to agree it was rather salty, and needed some spice to help.

My kids turned their noses to it... and it was rather runny...

:( They didn't like it at all. The review I got when I asked my 7 year old was 'Its just nasty' I wish I could give you more on it...I still recommend it tho. Just because he didn't like doesn't mean someone else won't! I however didn't think this one was that bad. I don't think I would buy again but it was ok in a pinch.

Couldn't get my daughter to eat this and I have to admit, it was pretty terrible. Taste was salty and unpleasant.

My boys did not like this one either. Needs more flavor.

Wasn't a big fan of this one, it had too much of a fake meaty flavor. Couldn't force it down or make my child eat it. It isn't that it was nasty I just didn't like the flavor of it.

son hated it. took one bite spit it out, and made a funny ewe yucky face. i t was funny! but my daughter liked it.

My kids all took a bite and all. But my teenagers liked it. This was thee only one that 4 of the 6 kids liked!

My 4 year old told said "this tastes pretty awful" and he pushed it away. So, I tasted it and he was right.