Hormel Compleats Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs

Hormel Compleats Kids Spaghetti & Meatballs

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love this product very for filling for my kids and a new easy idea

My kids really enjoyed this.

I don't mind them, but my kids never cared for the taste. Its a waste if the kids won't eat them.

My daughter actually likes this one, out of all these meals this is the only one she will eat. I personally don't care for any of these meals.

My kids tried different ones but just did not like them. I wished they did since so convenient for snack.

My little one spit every spoonful I offered him of this out. Convenient packaging is all this offered for us. Waste of money sadly.

My kids absolutely DID NOT like these. They are really convienent and cheap if i have a coupon, but whatsd the point if my kids wont eat them? My oldest said they tasted like old cardboard covered in a fake sauce! They are loaded with lots of additives and are not that healthy at all. But overall i will not buy these again as my kids dislike them!

I like the idea of this but I have never purchased. I know there are always coupons for these Hormel Complete meals on Coupons.com so next time i go shopping i'll give it a whirl. I hear they are really yummy :)

My son wasn't a huge fan. He ate it but he asked for a peanut butter and jelly half-way through it.

bought for my grandson . he did not give a high rating. said it tasted o.k

I couldn't even stomach the smell much less allow my child to taste it after I opened the container. I did, however, try a small bite. Awful! My children would of been so upset. IT almost...al.most...smells like a can of pet food. Its very full of sodium and calories. Not healthy. I'd rather it glue off of a chalkboard...AND thats probably healthier too. At least the non-toxic kind.

My kids like how compact they are "just my size dinners" but they don't like the taste of a lot of them. I like how easy they are to make and store, and are good for on the go, or if they just want something fast, but I don't care for how much sodium is in them, or that my children won't eat them.

My husband actually keeps some of these in his office for fast lunches when he doesn't have a chance to go out and grab something. Really likes them, only complaint is the amount of sodium they contain.

These little dinners are so good. My kids love the sauce used on the pasta dishes and ask for them when we go grocery shopping. I feel good because they are from a brand I trust and they are nutritious.

Bought these at request of my kids. They were not impressed.