Johnsonville Four Cheese Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Four Cheese Italian Sausage

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Johnsonville sausage is by far one ofthe best sausags on the market. The Italian sausag is amazing, especially when grilled with onions and peppers.

I have purchased these on several occasions for my family. We have prepared them both on the grill whole and cut up in a casserole. Both were a great success. Really the only issue i can find is the price point is a bit high, but generally i can find a coupon for them! My fav way to prep them is cut up with sauted peppers and onions on a hoagie roll topped with brown mustard!

This is the only Italian Sausage we use in our house. No one else can live up to the goodness of Johnsonville Sausage.

Jacksonville mild Italian .is just awesome on the grill.My family just love it when we cook them on the weekend.

Excellent if you have company or children that do not like spicy things. Taste is wonderful just the right amount of seasoning.

this is my husbands favorite!

This brat cooked over a hot fire on a spit was fantastic! Juicy and delicious on a cool night.

Not a fan of the cheese. It takes away from the sausage flavor.

This delicious with spaghetti and with some potatoes. my boys loved this

These are best on the grill. Add some grilled onions and peppers and place on bun...awesome

I like to put these on the grill outdoors or on the small electric grill indoors. Sometime I even like to put them in the skillet. Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Love Johnsonville sausage. The Four Cheese Italian are good in spaghetti. We also use them in a meal with Sour cream and chive mashed potatoes. Yum.

i would love to try this!

These have agreat flavor, the only downfall to me was they were a little greasy due to the cheese inside, we tried them again and this time I boiled them first then grilled them, made a huge difference in the amount of grease! will def do again!!!

I love all Johnsonville brats but this is by far MY favorite! I am a cheese addict and these are amazing. When u grill them you have that nice chargrilled flavor and little burst of cheese in every bite. Love, love, love them!