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  • Kelly1962Tx By  Kelly1962Tx    

    Would not go without it.......LOVE this stuff..

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  • ELTprincess756 By  ELTprincess756    

    Downy is the only fabric softner I use! My laundry always smells so clean and fresh. This is the same product my parents used when I was little also, so it always reminds me of childhood and home.

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  • kimm1310 By  kimm1310    

    I absolutely love DOWNY... I never use any other fabric softener... Leaves the clothes feeling so soft & smells great!!!

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  • sablelulu By  sablelulu    

    I thought i would never use liquid . WOW .This is the best i ever used . The smell in this lasts for days and my clothes are soo soft . Its almost to good to be true . I have so many compliments on my towels smelling so good I really thought if i washed again without nothing . Just to see if there was soap and or this softner build up , Nothing . The water was clear . Wow Thats what i have to say about this . Worth the extra money it may cost

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