Campbell'sŪ Select HarvestŪ Soup

Campbell'sŪ Select HarvestŪ Soup

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I like this soup. These are good for a quick, filling lunch or light supper. I would like to see more light salt versions of canned soup.

I like this harvest Campbell's soup it's good 4 my low fat diet that my doctor put me on. It maybe bland but it's good for my health.

Campbell's Soup has always been my soup of choice. However, Select Harvest is missing a lot of somethings. I had to add seasoning in order for me to eat it.

It was a little bland, I found myself doctoring it up a bit with a few spices to make it tasty, but I would eat it again, I love soups.

ok could use a little more seasoning

Little bland, but good

Love campbell's soups.... but this one no flavor in the broth. :(

I love Campbell's soups but this one was not one of my favorites. There seemed to be little flavor in the broth. I prefer the condensed variety.

I have to say I eat this soup but it isn't my favorite. It's terrible to say but I actually add quite a bit of salt just to be able to eat it. My fiancé got it for me a few times being nice and I didn't want to hurt his feelings lol.

Nothing special about it. I would rather make home made soup if I'm going the healthy route.

Good, hearty soup.

I feel like I'm missing out on a flavor a little bit but these are okay...

Seemed a little blahhh to me, I have had more flavorful can soups.

I love Campbells Harvest soups. I am a vegetarian and they have several soups that are filled with vegetables.

Great meal when your achy and cant or dont want to cook. Very satisfying and such a hardy soup!