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  • angelmk By  angelmk    

    Very intense bold flavor and the chip holds up well to dips and salsa,very good alone too !

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  • BeachBum2Be By  BeachBum2Be     SheSpeaks Tester

    These were a real hit in my house. I opened then bag and everyone dug in. They are flavorful and crunchy. I had to put the bag away before my hubby at the whole bag in one setting!

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  • Overthinker By  Overthinker    

    Theses chips are so yummy!!! Whenever I get invited to a BBQ I always bring a few bags of these chips ... My family loves them.

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  • arsaivi By  arsaivi    

    love the brand and the taste

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  • Blakey By  Blakey    


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  • stacistrates1 By  stacistrates1    

    These are very tasty!

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  • cherryplum22 By  cherryplum22    

    These have been at all my parties lately. So good! Great taste and texture. Durable for dips. Try some, you won't regret it.

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  • natharia42 By  natharia42    

    Great tasting, just a little too much salt

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  • kacy39 By  kacy39    

    delicious with salsa!

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  • shivani7300 By  shivani7300    

    So delicious and great with any dip or just alone.

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  • sumopal By  sumopal    

    I discovered these chips at Costco!! They are delicious and can be very addictive:)

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  • zzayed2 By  zzayed2    

    One word: delicious

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  • georgialee05 By  georgialee05    

    I really like the taste of these on their own but you can't really enjoy them with dips because they have a powerful flavor.

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  • jessinmike02 By  jessinmike02    

    I really like these, but they are too much with dips.pq

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  • rockshredlove By  rockshredlove    

    These are great by themselves but not when you're making nachos.

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