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  • vickie1962 vickie1962

    I really like drinking coke products. The diet coke doesn't leave a bad after taste like the others.

  • I am not a huge fan of diet sodas! I do believe that they aren't very good for you and besides the difference in sugar levels, Diet Coke still has the acidity levels and carbonation as a regular Coke does - all of which are not good for you for a number of reasons and last but not least, the amount of sodium in Diet Coke is not preferable either in my opinion.

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  • dogtrainer By  dogtrainer    

    Splenda sweetener a personal problem with Coke

    I have enjoyed Diet Coke in the past until my daughter became a Registered Dietician, who then explained the chemical composition of the Splenda Sweetener. I would be more interested if there were Coke products sweetened with Stevia. It is a nice occasional beverage, but choose others more often.


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