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  • Julz81 By  Julz81    

    Love diet Coke, great since I'm on a diet and can't have regular!

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  • costim21 By  costim21    

    Sometimes it can taste a little flat when it is in the can

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  • nicolemonroex3 By  nicolemonroex3    

    0 calories and 0 everything with a great coca cola taste!

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  • kheymann By  kheymann    

    I have had no choice but to drink diet soda and various drinks after being diagnosed almost 40 years ago as a Diabetic. That being said.. onto Diet Coke. Several years ago, they changed something in the recipie of this. It use to be drinkable from the perspective of someone that has aquired the taste for diet drinks, nowdays it is one of the nastiest things I could consume. Only time I bother to actually drink it is when nothing else is available and I want my carbonation. Otherwise I will not touch it nowdays. I only wish they would fix it. But then again, Honestly, it is any variety of coke product that taste horrible nowdays to be truthful.

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  • Misdreez By  Misdreez    

    It is disgusting. If you're going to "diet" then you might as well drink water.

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  • lnrs0803 By  lnrs0803    

    tried diet coke when i went on a diet, trying to get away from regular coke. The taste was ok. Liked that it had fewer calories than regular soft drinks but didnt like the jitters it gave me so needless to say I couldnt drink this soda..i liked Diet Coke but it didnt like me

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  • olenka1101 By  olenka1101    

    It really does taste like regular Coke!

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  • Jenicsf By  Jenicsf    

    I live for diet coke! Love it nice and cold right from the can. I prefer this to coffee in the morning.

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  • ChristieLight By  ChristieLight    

    I prefer regular coke because the fake sugar kind of scares me. However, this pop (and I drink a lot of pop-including the high sugar Mountain Dew) really gives me a sugar rush and an energy boost.

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  • vleites1214 By  vleites1214    

    I used to drink diet coke but then on a whim I decided to try diet coke and I never went back to me it's just right not overly sweet and I really love it also when you buy the cases of it you get more points from the coke rewards program.

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    I drink far too much of this. It seems like my go to soda. Its crisp and refreshing and I've loved it for a long long time. I can still tell though that it is not a real coke, but for the fewer calories definitely acceptable.

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  • jamilea By  jamilea    

    I don't know what it is about diet coke but I can't get enough! I love regular coke but diet is even better. I don't drink it becuase I'm weight conscious or anything I just really really enjoy the taste and how it is always delicious with whatever I am eating :D

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  • richlady By  richlady    

    This is my drink of choice. I don't like Coke Zero, it's too sweet. I don't care for the Pepsis either.

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  • PunkyNVS By  PunkyNVS    

    I am somewhat addicted to diet coke. Occasionally even drink one for breakfast! I always quit and start drinking lots of water but I always have to have the occasional diet coke fix!

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  • terryllacy By  terryllacy    

    Its o.k. But if i had to choose. It would be diet pepsi!

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