Coca Cola Diet Coke

Coca Cola Diet Coke

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I usually do not like diet soda of any kind because of the after taste. Surprisingly, I find very little after taste in this and while I very seldom even drink soda, I enjoyed this.

Although I am constantly watching my weight and my figure I cannot get over the after-taste. I use splenda and sweet and low etc.. People tell me you'll get used to the taste, but I never last long enough to do so. I just can't do it.

No burning after taste. Great crisp clean flavor. Refreshing. Best part? 0 calories!

This stuff absolutely makes me gag. It's always tasted like chemicals to me.

Tastes terrible. Yuck!

I've tried giving it a chance, but it's just not the coke for me, it tastes bad, I'll stick to regular coke, but I'll drink less.

I like regular coke better but since I'm on a diet, this is a lifesaver. I still get to drink soda! Overall, 0 sugar and 0 carbs is very sensible and it doesn't taste bad.

I do not care for Diet Coke at all. The aftertaste is terrible. I'd rather have a Diet Pepsi than to drink this stuff.

LOVE Diet after taste

i was never a big diet fan of anything. However, i kept drinking it and now don't drink any other kind of soda. I am addicted to it.

Taste good lil blah but good

Had to drink this at a cook out. Not a coke fan since I was younger. True Pepsi fan.

Love diet Coke, great since I'm on a diet and can't have regular!

Sometimes it can taste a little flat when it is in the can

0 calories and 0 everything with a great coca cola taste!