Sinful Colors  Professional Nail Polish

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

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The price is very good for the quality! I would recommend this! (:

Comes in a variety of colors and is inexpensive BUT the polish chips very easily. Some colors are harder to remove than others.

I find Sinful nail polish to be awesome, I have no problems with chipping, I find it lasts practically as long as my gel polish that is use with the led/uv light. The colors are amazing, the price is very affordable, and they are just about the only brand I will purchase.Oh and I forgot to mention the dry super super quickly . I paint my nails in front of the tv and within a few minutes it is dry. I love this polish

I have more of these than I have of any other brand. I am a nail polish aholic and my husband loves to purchase these for me because of the variety of colors! I am currently addicted to their neon colors.

I purchased this color, along with 6 others, while they were on sale. They were a dollar a piece! I personally love this color, and this brand. It usually requires 2 or 3 coats to appear as the actual color, but once on, and a topcoat brushed over it, it stays on my nails for 2-3 days!

I absolutely love these colors, but the nail polish chips SO easily. I get very disappointed. It's very neon, bright, or beautiful colors but does not stay on for a long time! :/

SINFULCOLORS is usually in the $1.99 range and as a Zoya lover I usually don't purchase cheaper polishes. However a friend recommended SINFULCOLORS and I immediately fell in love. The polish is actually awesome and I can get it to stay on my nails for at least seven days. They have a wide range of colors including the pastel spring collection that I am LOVING.

I love these for the simple fact they are cheaper then most. I like to switch my nails up all the time because I am a server. No matter the brand my nails constantly chip, so why not get the cheap stuff anyway, right? I also love the HUGE variety they have.

Cheap and it shows....chips so easy!

BEAUTIFUL color. Amazing application. Very good for the cheap price of just $1.99!

This product has ample colors but, I had issues with it not being very strong. It was far to easy to chip.

I bought a bunch of Sinful Colors Professional Polish from Rite-Aid and they are fairly cheap at $1.99 each. I have loved them. They may not be the best quality but they have stayed on good if you do two good coats plus a top coat.

I don't love it, but I don't hate it. It's just an okay polish.

this polish works great, i love it!

I absolutely love Sinful Colors. Priced around $1.99, Sinful Colors nail polish is affordable and outlasts more expensive polishes. The variety of colors to choose from are fabulous, from pastels to metallics.