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  • purrrplej By  purrrplej    

    Tresemme is adequate, but unexceptional. It doesn't make my hair turn out as nice as other shampoos/conditioners. My naturally curly hair looks frizzier and more unkempt than with other products. But it's okay in a pinch, I suppose. And at least it's inexpensive.

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  • Jessica87 By  Jessica87    

    Although the products are a great deal financially, I think the saying 'you get what you pay for' serves true. I find that the shampoo doesn't lather well, leaves a strange residue in my hair and only moderately cleans and removes oil from my scalp. There are a lot of inexpensive shampoos out there that are of much higher quality than this one. The conditioner does practically nothing, at least for my hair. It makes it slightly softer, but at the cost of weighing down my hair with chemical residue.

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  • Jerneygirl By  Jerneygirl    

    I often buy these products, works well with my hair. If I am on a budget this is a good buy.

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  • thereoncewasaprincess By  thereoncewasaprincess    

    I really like it. My hair is a lot less frizzy and smells great after using it.

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  • tyesha22 By  tyesha22    

    I bought this shampoo and conditioner because I thought it was a great buy. You get a lot of product for a cheap price. The shampoo dried my hair out but the conditioner was fine. Overall I dont think I would purchase this again.

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  • Leisha By  Leisha    

    I dont like it at all.

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  • MyValentine By  MyValentine    

    My husband loves this shampoo. He's picky about smells and likes the clean fresh scent. I've used it occassionally but can't use any cheaper brand on my hair. It leaves a build up. This shampoo is not so bad though. I have very thick hair and the conditioner did a pretty good job.

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  • krpierce84 By  krpierce84    

    Wasn't happy with this brand. The shampoo makes my hair too squeaky clean, stripping all the good and bad out and the conditioner doesn't moisterize enough to compensate for the cleanliness of the shampoo. That makes it hard to brush and breaks my hair.

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    I bought both and I agree with the comment, my hair didn't feel clean after I used it. It also made my hair very dry with the shampoo only. It's really necessary to use the conditioner if you are using this shampoo. I won't be buying it again. I'm currently looking for a new shampoo and conditioner.

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