Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express

Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express

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HATED the brush - I'm 33 I don't want to have to re-learn how to use mascara. It was really clumpy and didn't separate my lashes very well, and didn't really do anything for length. I would not recommend this at all.

I have enjoyed pretty good results from this mascara. I don't know if it's my favorite, as I'm always on the look out for a great mascara!

I bought this mascara after watching the commercial. I will put this product in my "in case I forget my make-up bag" at work. This mascara clumps my lashes together and flakes off easily.

I watch a lot of beauty gurus on youtube and I have friends who just raved about this product. I went out and bought it when I ran out of my usual mascara and I was expecting great results. I was pretty disappointed. I liked the packaging, and the wand is a little tricky at first, but with a little practice I mastered it and it worked really well at coating all my lashes, even all the way to the corners. I really didn't mind the need to relearn how to apply my mascara, but I have been really dissatisfied with the mascara's formula!! While it did make my lashes seem thicker, I didn't feel like they looked longer and the formula clumped a lot on my lashes and didn't separate them like I would have preferred. Also, I have come home from work every day that I have used it with flakes all under my eyes and on my cheeks and I'm so embarrassed that I've gone most of the day with messy mascara flakes on my face. I work closely with the public and could not believe that 40 or so people I worked with those days saw me so messy!! I won't be buying this product and it'll be going in my trash shortly.

I tried this mascara after seeing an ad in a magazine, I wast in love with the mascara I was using at the time so I thought I would give " The Falsies" a try. The Pro's are that it gives my lashes alot more volume!!! But the big Con is that it is rather clumpy!! It also flakes pretty bad!! It really does nothing for length either. All in all I would use it again :(

Good product. It lengthes my lashes & makes them thicker. It's my mascara of choice.

I love this. It doesn't really make you look like you have false lashes on but it really does help if you have short lashes.

ok, so i hate this product. its super clumpy and its so hard to wash off. its sooo goopy on your lashes it doesnt come off for days and it looks sooooo bad! sorry lash blast but you belong in the trash =/

I love The Falsies! The mascara wand can be a bit tricky at first, but it just takes a little practice. I love the va-va-voom lashes I get when I wear this. Be forewarned, though, the waterproof REALLY IS waterproof.

Really really do not like this mascara. A friend of mine and I raced out to buy it as soon as we saw it was out. It sounds amazing and has great packaging. It is far from a good mascara. It clumps lashes worst than any mascara I have had. I will stick with covergirl :)

Worst mascara ever!! I usually stick with covergirl but when i saw this in the store offering full volumous lashes i had to try it! It ended up clumping like CRAZY!! It wasnt even eyelashes anymore, it was just a big glob of mascara on my eyes. In an attempt to remove the mascara i bought those oily make-up remover pads that just made it worse. The oil would get in my eyes and the mascara would seem to go everywhere but when i looked there was still a bunch left on my lashes. I deffinatly would not recommend this to anyone!

Do not like this product. Bought it because they made it seem like the best out there. It clumps coming out of the applicator and clumped on my eyelashes. It did nothing for me and will never buy again.

I bought it after reading a review in a magazine for the best mascara of the year. It turned out the be a huge disappointment! The mascara flakes off and makes my lashes stick together into clumpy spikes. It also burns my eyes and does not come off very easily or well and I have tried a few different eye makeup removers. There is one pro of this product though and that is the brush. I will stick with my Covergirl Lash blast mascara.

it's a great product that make your eyelashes long and thicker like falsies, the name truly says everything about the product.

After seeing the commercial I had to buy this product. At first I wasn't too impressed and felt it looked just as good as my Great Lash which i wear everyday however I think that this mascara is great for a bit more dramatic everyday look. I would and have recommended this product to a friend.