Perdue Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Chicken Nuggets

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My children loved the taste of the chicken. I love that it was a healthier option & so easy to prepare!

My kids love nuggets, so it was great to find these that are a healthier alternative to many of the other ones out there.

I would have loved to try the chicken, however I was unable to, due the location where I am at El Paso, Texas, They do not sell perdue chicken here so I am unable to purchase the product. I am sending the coupons and free chicken to my sister in Arkansas to see if she can use them. I was bummed but Thankful that I was choosen. The chicken sounds great just sad I was not able to try. Another time another product? Thanks for sharing.

I have had my coupon for my free bag for a quite awhile. We are in the Cleveland area and I wasn't able to find them until this past week. That being said my son who is very picky did try them and hooray liked them ! I will buy them again for sure. I like the fact that they are free of additives and I could recognize all the ingrediants. We tried the whoe grain chicken breast tenders....I would never eat nuggets myeself...they gross me out but these look pretty "real" and I think adults would like them also

My family really enjoyed these and I am able to think of lots of different ways to spice them up beside just being a nugget! Thanks!

First off let me say we are huge Chinese fans so I was so very excited to see the General Tso Perdue Chicken bag laying there in the freezer at the grocery store. I threw them in the freezer at home and came home one day to find out my hubby had fixed them with dinner. I had no idea before I bit into one of them that it was the Perdue chicken because we always buy different things to try. I took a bite and looked at him and asked what is this? I was a little shocked when he said it was the perdue. I honestly was not expecting it to be that good. I LOVED IT!!! It was the closet frozen Chinese dish we have ever had that tasting like the real thing. Each ball of chicken tasted like it was seasoned perfect. If you love spicy food and love Chinese, for sure try this. You will not be disappointed!!

We tried the General Tso's chicken and have to say we found it a bit too sweet. It stated sweet and spicy but for our liking it was a bit too sweet. The chicken meat was quite good. We will be trying a different type of the Perdue chicken.

My kids love the nuggets and the strips. I like that the strips are tasty for adults too so I can make a meal for everyone with them.

My kids will only eat 2 kinds of chicken nuggets...these and McDonalds. These are a better alternative than McDonalds.

My family really enjoyed the perdue frozen breaded chicken nuggets. My kids are very picky when it comes to frozen nuggets, they wanted to know where I "ordered them from"! These will definitely be the ones I buy from now on. They're a little bit more expensive then some of the ones I was buying but its worth the extra money.

I got these for my kids and was initially very pleased at the taste - however, after looking at the nutritional content, and reading in-depth about Perdue's practices with their poultry, care (or lack thereof) withe the way they house their chickens, I am pretty turned off. I am not a vegetarian or a PETA activist by any stretch of the imagination, but I do believe we need to speak up about companies who don't provide humane conditions for their livestock. From the information I have been able to obtain at least, Perdue is definitely one of these. A shame really....

I dont' like buying prepackged food. I tried these thought sinc ei had a coupon. i was skeptical but decided that these indeed are good. they are all white meat not at all what i was expecting. i would purchase these again in the future.

I love that my finicky daughter will eat these!

i tried the baked mulitgrain chicken nuggets. Loved the fact that my kids were getting their fiber, and these nuggets were not fried. since they were not frozen it didn't take long to cook them. Thanks for doing all the week and making sure they had them at the store where i shop. I was not impressed with the taste of these chicken nuggets. MY three year old wouldn't touch them, my two year old gobbled them up, my husband didn't like them. I personally liked the texture, but not the flavor. way too salty. Even though there were no fillers in the nuggets, i didn't like the taste of the meat that was there. Maybe they were just too bland?

I love these. They taste great and are a healthier alternative to other quick and easy food. Paired with a vegetable, I don't feel guilty serving this for dinner - and they taste great!!