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  • Speakup23 By  Speakup23    

    I love chocolate but I like Betty Crocker better

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I didn't like these as much as I thought I would. Not worth the elevated price. I'll stick with my Betty Crocker & Duncan Hines mixes.

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  • GothicGirl By  GothicGirl    

    WOW!!! so rich and delicious, they're perfect!! If you can get them to the oven its even better lol. warning....these are addictive!

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  • smurfette498 By  smurfette498    

    Delicious! Affordable. This is a good product taste good rich and moist.

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  • wrightvm By  wrightvm    

    Wow this is rich and delicious! It's well worth the extra buck or two to get a brownie mix that tastes like it's from a bakery!

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  • judybird2 By  judybird2    

    This is one of the best flavored and richest brownie mixes I have ever tried. It might cost just a tad more than some of the others, but it is worth it.

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  • megmeg77 By  megmeg77    

    The best Brownies you will ever make!! My husband loves them with a little walnut mixed in!!

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  • Maritza By  Maritza    

    I absolutely love this mix but its a little to much for not chocolate lovers Its also perfect because its chocolate milk instead of dark and its super easy to do according printed instructions

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  • tulips411 By  tulips411    

    Delicious and so easy to make. Whole family loves this.

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  • miaDNS By  miaDNS    

    This is a favorite in the houshold! They are easy to make, and are delicious. The brownies are very moist.

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  • kristennh By  kristennh    

    these are so yummy. really really rich but soooo good. but a small piece is perfect

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  • katiemwebb By  katiemwebb    

    These are my absolute favorite brownies! So rich and moist, and the best flavor out of any mix I have tried. Love all of them! I especially love that I can find them at Costco in packs of 3!

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  • apey16 By  apey16    

    These are absolutely AMAZING. They're rich, moist and delicious!

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  • Liduvina By  Liduvina    

    Delicious! Affordable. This is a good product taste good rich and moist.

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  • towlemelissa By  towlemelissa    

    Yum and very affordable

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