Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

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Love spell has always been one of my favorite Victoria Secret fragrances.

I absolutely love this scent! It's one of my favorite scents from VS. The set of lotion, shower gel, and body mist is great!

Love Spell is a smell that is so flowery and sweet but still sultry. You can wear it day and night, they even have the Love Spell room spray. The smell is so wonderful. Its my favorite body mist out there. Its affordable too plus Victoria Secret is always having special on Love Spell.

There is something so sweet and unique about this scent! Unfortunately, you get what you pay for and the scent does not last. I have to re-apply every couple of hours to maintain. However, it is worth it just for that insanely juicy, fruity, sweet and tempting fragrance! I recommend layering it with an airy, sandlewood perfume for a great combo. Try D&G Light Blue.

love it light flirty get for everyday

I love the smell but it doesn't last all day like a perfume. I like to use it after the shower.

It's a spell you will love. It's one that's been around for year's but you never get tired of. I love this scent and so does all of my friends.

I am a fan of most victoria secret fragrances. To be completely honest my favorite is amber romance and I hope they never discontinue that product.. I could waste $30 real fast buying that stuff. However, love spell smells nice don't get me wrong but I enjoy it but sometimes the smell is really intoxicating and gives me a headache. It's very sweet smelling but then just stays on for too long and attacks my allergies. It smells good on other people though I must say.

This is not my favorite scent from VS. It reminds me highly of middle school. Maybe that is just because my sisters and I wore it in middle school, and so did many other middle schools. I just find this scent too strong and too popular. I can pick it up down the hall in my college dorm. And I don't like the scent. Some people do, and that is great for them.

Love this smell its sexy but very feminine!

This was my first ever Christmas gift from my husband. I received the gift set including lotion, body mist, and shower gel. I used it everyday! I think it is one of the best VS fragrance collections.

his is, by far, my favorite scent. I always get compliments when I wear it. The lasting power is nice too, it doesn't fade quickly. I always have a travel size bottle in my purse. The packaging is cute too and the consistency of the lotion is thick so the tube lasts a long time.

This was certainly my favorite scent in high school. I'm still charmed by the smell because it brings back fun memories. But personal attachment aside, I feel that perhaps the very fruity scent is for younger girls. Of course wear what you like, but it has a very bubble-gum sweetness that is pleasant, but now that I'm a professional, I don't want to smell like it anymore.

I wear this everyday since it came out in Victoria Secret Stores . It is my favorite and it smells really really good with Chanel Chance.

I love this scent it is my favorite one of the collection.