Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

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Sensodyne is still the best toothpaste to help with sensitivity. I like the flavors of the isoactive better than the regular tubes of sensodyne and they definitely foam up more than the tube as well..

I actually like this better than the tubes. I feel that it cleans my teeth better than the regular kind. I also like the taste of the blue top one but the white top one is extremly nasty to me.

I didnt like it. It didnt foam up like the commercials showed it to and it had a horrible taste.

I really liked using this product, however when I stopped using it, it felt like my teeth were even more sensitive then they were when I started using it. I am not sure if anyone else ever had that issue, but I have been afraid to try it out again after that happened.

I have exposed dentin on my upper left side due to receding gums and this product helps so much with the exposed portions of my tooth... I can FINALLY eat and drink again!

works well but dries out my mouth

I disliked how foamy it was in my mouth. I couldn't get past that and so I stopped trying it. My husband gave it a try and really likes the foaminess of it because for him it feels like it is really cleaning all areas of his teeth.

works well and is affordable

I have very sensitive teeth and this is a great brand, so I decided to try it. It works great and this is the only toothpaste I use.

This worked well for my teeth sensitivity but it did not last long. I liked the taste and it was very foamy.

I did not think this toothpaste was exceptional for sensitivity. I did not like the can with aerosol applicator, it always let out extra toothpaste, and created a funk on the inside of the cap, which I had clean off everyday.

I have been using it for the past year and couldn't be happier! Takes care of the sensitivity, has a great taste and the packaging is an added bonus!

I have very sensitive teeth and this is the only toothpaste that really helps me. If I use another toothpaste for even one day I can tell the difference. LOVE this toothpaste!

does what it claims

Can't stand it! It foams up my mouth way too much, too much dispenses on my toothbrush, the flavor isn't very good, and it gets all messy.