Fiber One Chewy Bars

Fiber One Chewy Bars

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Fantastic bars! Great source of fiber and satisfies my chocolate craving. Have one every day. Buy them in bulk at BJs where they are much less expensive. Don't like the mocha flavored one though - yuck!

I'm glad I got a free sample of this product. I've have been very angry if I'd paid for them.

I thought these bars are delicious except for the fact that they are too sweet.

These are really good!! I eat them if I am craving something chocolate but do stay home because of the same problem LFDJen & cleanliving have...gas!

I have tried these and they are really good. However, they are a little on the pricy side.

i am not a fan of these only because i feel that its too sweet, way too sweet and it also has an extremely dry taste to it, no milk or juice can wash this down.

I think fiber one bars taste great. I only eat them when I am staying home because it does give me gas.

These are delicious!

I like them. they are chewy. and it gives you fiber, like 9 grams.

I liked the taste, but the extra fiber seemed to give me gas.

These aren't bad, but not the most tasty bar I've had. If fiber is what your'e looking for these are great, if you prefer taste....not for you.

These are a treat that satisfy! Tons of fiber and taste great!

Surprise, Surprise. Another flavorless fiber granola bar that tastes like cardboard. Double yuk 8 ^ (