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Pampers Diapers

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I love Pampers diapers! I have 4 children and I have used most of the diapers out there and I have noticed Pampers too be the best! Also holds more urine! I highly recommend Pampers! You will NOT be dissatisfied!

#1 Diapers Pampers have always been my no.1 choice for diapers since my almost 2 year old daughter was born! We went from Baby Dry, to Swaddlers, and now Cruisers. Through my many tryings this is the only brand that has all the qualities i look for and that is best suited for my daughter. The absorbency is great. We have never had a problen with leakage or any accidents. And they have always been the perfect fit. The weight indicators are very accurate in my opinion. And yes, there loyalty program ( in which i was able to get my daughter an elmo potty book with) is always a huge plus!

I have used Pampers swaddlers for both of my girls. Absolutely love them. They are soft, absorbent, and dont leak when used properly.

So Far So Good My daughter is 4 months old now and is in a size 2. I have not had any issues with leakage or not fitting well. I feel that the weight/size guide has been very accurate. Will continue to purchase and will purchase for future children.

Not great Not a bad diaper, but the absorbent material gets everywhere. I also always had issues with leaks, because the leg bands stretch out quickly.

Great diapers! The ONLY brand that fit my daughter. However, they did not fit my son well. I would definitely say it's worth trying; especially the newborn ones (they fit both my kids).

Pampers are fantastic!! Pampers are a good quality diaper from birth until potty training! My oldest daughter could not wear anything but Pampers! Their different variety of wipes and diapers are amazing when it comes to growth, sensitivity, and mobility in children. I've never had a leaking issue with Pampers, as I have with other brands. Very durable and soft on your babies bottoms so no discomfort! Also comes with adorable designs! Highly recommend Pampers diapers and products!

Great diapers I love these diapers! They fit very well, they are soft and do not leak. Recommend these diapers for sure!

5/5!!!! Only diapers I trust 100%! Love the fit of Cruisers!

great... soft... gentle... handles with care and gentle on skin... keeps my baby happy

Pampers is the way to go. When my son was a baby, Pampers was the only diaper he could wear without getting a rash everywhere! Plus he never had a leak through problem. I always buy papers as gifts for new arrivals!

I absolutely love the baby powder smell of these diapers. I also love the wetness indicator. I did however have a major problem with leaking in the night. I would wake up with my son to find him soaking wet as well as his bed. I decided to switch to a different brand.

BEST Diapers & Wipes Pampers are the BEST diapers we have used. We have tried all brands but keep coming back to these as the best. With pampers there are No leaks, blow outs or issues of any kind with these diapers. My two favorite pampers diapers are the Pampers pure diaper, and the pampers swaddlers. We also love both the pampers pure wipes and pampers sensitive wipes.

Cruisers! Pampers is my preferred diaper choice. The cruisers help my son get around better, never gave a rash and are great for. Overnight!

color is cool good for over nights dont leakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk