Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

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This product is TRULYYYY a miracle omg it stopped my hair from breaking off after dyeing my hair with 40 developer . how do i know this? because when i washed off the dye and used this , my hair was perfectly fine and then 2 days later i forgot to use it in the shower and omg my hair freaking ripped right off halfwayy!! i nearly died. so now i ALWAYSSS make sure to use the 3min miracle deeeep treatment from aussie omg it is a lifesaver. u will not find a better product & the price is very good i can usually find it at rite aid for like 2 for $5. IM in LOVE with thiss it leaves my hair so soft omg this is the only treatment ill ever need.!

very cream. I didn't read the directions at first and was using it as a leave-in conditioner. It works like that,too. Just use a little.

Great product, I have really curly thick hair and it helps to tame it... It is also priced reasonably and occasionally there are coupons out there for it

i love this product, it makes my hair look healthy and shiny. After straightning and blow drying my hair it gets pretty fried, this stuff works wonders on it.

I love this stuff. Well not the smell but everything else..yes! I actually use it as an overnight treatment and when i rinse out the next morning my hair feels amazing. Its cheap I find mine at my local grocery store for under $3 altough Ive seen it at some places for up to $5. Its amazing and Id still pay that much for it!

This product is an absolute godsend for me. I use this once to twice a week and I apply it to my hair then I tie it up into a bun so that it can sit and do its magic. Sometimes I let it sit on for longer than it should, that way my hair gets all of the yummy goodness that it needs. I really love this. It makes my hair silky smooth and smells amazing.

Makes my hair so silky soft. My hair is severely damaged due to dying it and heat damage and this really just smooths my hair.

love the smell. keeps my hair tangle free. love the price and its one of the drugstores best products

I love this product! It makes my hair feel so soft and tangle free. And it smells good.

I tried this out on a whim because I was desperate for a good conditioning treatment. At the time, my hair was a complete frizz mess. I was using a curling everyday and blowdrying my hair everyday too...really messes with your hair! So, I tried this out and left it in as long as possible in the shower. I noticed my hair was softer and felt sooo much healthier! It's a pretty great treatment, especially for the price!

I really like this 3 minute deep conditioner! I know you're only supposed to use it about once a week, but I cheat and do it about twice. The only problem I have with it, is the bottle doesn't really have a lid on it. There's nothing to stop it from dripping out of the bottle. It doesn't drip often, but still. That drives me crazy!

my daughter sues this because she has really thick hair and it works great! She also loves the smell. We get some really good deals on it too!

I used Aussie as a younger woman, and I remember how well it worked. I think it's time for me to give another try because I have been coloring my hair and it does need a good condition.

Overall the product is great minus the packaging. Tha cylindrical shape of the bottle makes it hard to make every bit of product count. You have to open it up slap the opening on your palm and stick your finger in there to get any extra out. As far as it working on my hair, its amazing. Leaves my hair silky smooth and perfect ready for blowing drying and im good to go. I use it at least twice a wk.

I use this once a week and it keeps my hair amazing. Love it!