Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereal

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I have never consider Kashi for my kids before, seems like to be expensive and for the adults. But, they tried it and they like it a lot. It's a healthy snack for them at schools now.

We all love this cereal. It's a little sweeter than the other Kashi cereals, but SOO good!

I just recently found this cereal at my local Target. I'm always looking for new healthy cereals to try. I was really impressed with the great taste. I really enjoy the slight honey flavor. It is my new favorite cereal. Of course the bonus is the fiber and the natural ingredients. I despise high fructose corn syrup. I would definatelly recommend this!

Kashi Honey Sunshine is great for a quick snack without milk too.

The cereal has alot of fiber - and it satisfies my cravings to CRUNCH!

I love Kashi, but this one surprised me. It reminded me of Cap'n Crunch, if it were healthy. I will definitely buy this again.

I really like eating Kashi cereal. However, it does tend to give me gas because of all the fiber. I haven't stopped eating it though. It is yummy and super healthy!

I love the Honey Sunshine, I just wish it were a bit cheaper. Or, if they would put out more coupons for it!!

I like kashi cereal it has good selection of cereal, i like the taste and that is good for you.

I love Kashi cereals!!! They taste awesome, and not too sweet!! The part I like the most about them is that they are organic!!!They are healthy and fill you up. I would definitely recommend this to my friends :)

Have loved this for long time (years) its not Capt n crunch, thank goodness cz, that wrecks the roof of my mouth.. This Kashi cereal is lightly sweet is great for snacking or breakfast. My youngest son had not complained after trying this when I replaced this with no more captain. Obviously its not going to be an exact match but Kashi has health in mind. Sooooooo!

Taste good and not too sweet even my son enjoyed it

Good taste and great for my family.

Yummy I think for such a healthy cereal these are absolutely delicious!!!!!!!

I think this cereal is amazing! It is so good and it's healthy for you. It gives you a serving of whole grain and it's organic. Since I found out how bad high fructose corn syrup is, I have been looking for cereal that doesn't have it for a while and it has been a big challenge. This is the first cereal that i have found without it and it tastes amazing! I got a free sample from the website and I'll definitely be buying the cereal from now on.