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  • ladyt3xthelady By  ladyt3xthelady    

    I love, love Yoplait Whips!! The Strawberry Mist & Chocolate Mousse are so very good! They are light, creamy and very airy!

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  • bigt619 By  bigt619    

    whips are my favorite! i never liked yogurt until recently and its light and fluffy and yummy!

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  • FeliciaBauer By  FeliciaBauer    

    The strawberry is my favorite. Very good.

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  • speakmichelle By  speakmichelle    

    I really didn't love this. Something about the texture was a little gross to me. Ick. I love regular yoplait, though!

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  • justmauid By  justmauid    

    Yoplait is the "only" yogurt I will eat. But the Yoplait Whips aren't my favorite. The texture is odd and the Lemon flavored ones almost taste like sour milk. Give me a low fat cherry yoplait and I'm good to go!

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  • Lizzlebit By  Lizzlebit    

    Whips are my favorite too! I am not a fan of the chocolate flavors, but more and more flavors are becoming available. I agree, orange is the BEST! Its definitely more like a dessert to me than a regular yogurt...but you still get the benefits of eating yogurt!

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  • fas5904 By  fas5904    

    I love these! My favorite is the strawberry, but the other ones are great too. The taste is awesome and I love the light, fluffy texture. I buy these every payday and have a really hard time making them last because they are so good.

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  • Maddiehb By  Maddiehb    

    Yummy! These are really good, and taste amazing frozen! I do wish they would come out with more flavors.

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  • Cupcake_Fairy By  Cupcake_Fairy    

    Love them!! and the texture is beautifulllll...i also agree that they are awesome frozen!

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  • CHRISTINE24666 By  CHRISTINE24666    


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  • stacy46 By  stacy46    

    I put them in the freezer and eat them as a frozen treat on a hot summer day. I get a cool down and i get nutrients

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  • alane2086 By  alane2086    

    i do not like the whips. they taste ok except for they taste a little like medicine to me and the texture grosses me out.

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  • ariane8576 By  ariane8576    

    I have always hated yogurt until now. Yoplait Whips are wonderful! I have tried almost every yogurt product on the market and have never enjoyed any of them until I found the Whips. The Keylime and the Orange are the best. They taste more like a dessert pudding rather than yogurt. I am a teacher so we are always trying to find a quick meal for lunch and this has really been a hit. There are about 8 of us that eat lunch together everday and we are all addicted to the Whips. There are only about 4 or 5 different types available but they have all been great. Hopefully, Yoplait will introduce more in the future!

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