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I love! if you haven't visited this website your missing out... I just purchasesd a really cute scarf that was hand crocheted. I love it!

I love Etsy! There is everything from vintage signs and jewelry to modern art. It is a great sight for finding personalized items as well. The prices for the most part are very reasonable. There are a lot of great gift ideas. It is also a way for people to make a little extra money. I have told a lot of my friends about

I love it, I shop and sell my hand embroidery and vintage items there. check out my shop if you want, get 10% your purchase use code 1XMAS

i love the site...but warning, it can be addictive and hours of your day can dissapear without you realizing it!

OMG I am on here forever, well sort of. You find anything & everything!!!! Really neat stuff.

all i can say is I LUV ETSY ! one of the best websites around for unique ,one of a kind gifts

I am 100% would and have recommend this website. It awsome. There so many,many shop to go. Time fly by when you are looking at so many beautiful items. The price range from low to high. This is the number one site on my list. LOVE IT!

I love Etsy and have told my friends about it! I love that you can buy delicious cookies, or collaborate on a custom product like an embroidered blanket or personalized tickets. A great creative outlet for both buyer and seller!

inlove with this website! i have bought christmas/birthday presents from here! big hit! :)

I have used personally and even though i didnt sell anything to anyone i was still very pleased. they make it incredably easy and it was free to post something for around a month. they have so many cool things on there, its so much fun to look around and see how creative some people are.

so meany cool things on there, is like a ren fair anf a craft fair only with a seach button, never actually bought any thing yet, but i plan to soon

Etsy is a great site for buying special gifts that can't be store bought and a great selection of handmade products.

I love handmade things.I buy jewelry and handmade handbags from Etsy quite often.Everyone is very nice and they are also very honest and they are quick to ship what you order.

I love all the handmade things but you would have to list multiple items all day in order for people to see your goods. It shows them in a newest order.

What a great site, all of the handmade items and so many neat things to look at.