Sassy Teething Feeder

Sassy Teething Feeder

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I love this for the small baby that is unable to chew yet. I've seem and even had to help with a baby has taken off more than they can swallow and that really sucks. The babies also love to use them for teething, and it's an interesting toy for a few months when they're over using it, lol.

Great concept, good for frozen pops and ice, but food would make the mesh very hard to clean - consider buying more meshes if you're going to use this product. My son loved it, but he went very quickly to eating solids and used the old standby - a frozen washcloth - for teething.

was great for fruits and veggies, messy but good! Dishwasher safe is great but got quite a bit of build up pretty quickly,, so they dont last too long, but for the price you cant beat it!!! And koodos for making something that can make the switch to solid easier!!! Great for budding teeth too!!!

Very useful! I loved this for my little ones. Frozen bananas worked well. The clean up was a little difficult but well worth it!

It is a PAIN to clean! The idea is clever but not worth the time and effort. If you do decide to use it be ready to purchase many of the little nets.

My little boy loved this. we would put all kinds of fruit in it. The only thing is that it is very hard to get all the food out. It does come with more than one net. So I can deal. I would buy this again and even as a gift.

CONCEPT IS AWESOME! Cleaning.... SUCKS! I found the best use is for ice cubes or frozen juices during teething. Tried a peach in it and it got stuck in the netting and I had to throw it away

My baby love this! It was very hard to clean and it seemed like I was always throwing them away.

This product is only useful for ice during teething. I have even made "juice cubes" in the freezer instead of always giving my daughter straight ice. When I tried to put food in these they were very hard to clean out, and I even had to throw one away because it became impossible to clean after my daughter tried eating a banana-even in the dishwasher!

I have tried a different brand with my niece when she was about 5 months old, she is now a year old, and she did nibble on the food inside, but did not really like it. I am expecting a baby in 3 weeks and I do plan on using this product with him, maybe he will like it.

i think its a great idea and it looks like most kids really like it, my son really didnt care for it at all, he prefered one of his teethers much more than this. but it looks like 99% of kids loved it and i really liked the idea of it, i just wish he liked it a bit more.

Excellent for teething babies. Frozen fruit, ice etc... My daughter never really took to jarred food, so this was a lifesaver. Avocado & bananas can get pretty messy, but it's worth it!

I recieved this as a baby shower gift, and it turned out to be possibly the best gift I received. My daughter loves eating watermelon and cantelope out of it. She is eating something good for her and I don't have to worry about her choking on anything.

I really love these! I used to put ice in it for teething as well as frozen fruit. It made my life a lot easier, and made my baby very happy! It was really messy, but so worth the clean up!

This is a great invention. Your child can enjoy fruit just like us and not worry about biting off chunks. The do get very messy but it keeps them occupied and content. Also using a cold apple helps with the teething stage. The netting is a little difficult to clean from bananas.