Movie The Proposal

Movie The Proposal

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I watched this movie with the lowest of expectations. Sorry but it's true! Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. Sandra Bullock is damn adorable in this and well...HELLO. Look who her love interest is! Great Valentine's Day movie!

LOVE this movie. It isn't sooooo girly that your other half will just snooze through it. Sandra and Ryan have an amazing chemistry and of course Betty White is the icing on the cake. The plot is semi-predictable but the laughter and acting make it a must watch regardless. My husband actually found it to be a great movie although it did make him want to go to Alaska *roll eyes*. Perhaps Alaska tourism should be grateful LOL!

This was a fun cheesy chick flick. My husband would never go for this kind of movie but I find them fun on days when I'm feeling really girly.

I really enjoyed this movie. I don't always get to watch movies but this one was worth watching.

I think this was such a cute and romantic movie without being too mushy. Sandra and Ryan fit their roles perfectly and left me very satisified at the end.

Love this movie! I can watch it over and over and not get tired of it. Very funny!!

This movie rolls personal growth, family dynamics, career choices and a love story into one humorous chick flick. It's a Sandra Bullock must see!

LOVED LOVED this movie!!! The story line was touching, comical, and thought-provoking. It makes me smile =)

It is technically a "chick flick", however there is enough comedy and of course the lovely Sandra Bullock to keep my guy watching. The ever wonderful Betty White really keeps up the laughs! And it doesn't hurt to have a look at Ryan Reynolds with his shirt off. I have and will watch it over again!

super cute movie. I love sandra bullock in anything, so it's another great preformance by her, and the leading guy isn't too bad either ;-)

Loved this is very funny, Sandra and Ryan work very well together. However, Betty White does steal the show a lot.....she's great.

I would recommend this movie. There are quite a few funny spots. I can watch it over and over and still laugh hysterically in certain spots. It makes me laugh just writing this review and thinking about the movie. Love it!

I loved this movie. I could watch it over and over. Very funny

My favorite movie ever!!!!!!!!! I def reccomend it for a good laugh

Absolutely one of my favorite movies. The cast was excellent and the movie was hilarious!