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Applebees Food

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I like applebees for lunch, pork tacos yea

Love this place! They have a great selection and great prices. I love that their menu changes somewhat frequently to keep the flavor new and exciting. The mixed drinks are great too!

Always good food, always fast and efficient waiters.

I love Applebees! I've never been there and had bad service or food! I always get exactly what I order and expect along with great customer service!

Always love Applebees especially their lunch special soup and salad. Nice atmosphere, great customer service, clean, friendly and welcoming.

applebees is usually a 50/50 for me. sometimes the food is delicious. others - not so good. the same goes for customer service. it is hit and miss. if i have a choice to go to a different sit down restaurant i opt out of applebees.

I at first will be honest was not that much of a fan with Applebees, but when they added some new options and brodened thy're menu I had more things to choose from and they were good. I also really like the 2 for $20 option because if your on a limited budget its a great option.

Ok. A few months ago i ate at applebees. My mom and i got to late classes together every wednesday we pick a different place. The car side boy was a bit inexperienced, but the food was horrible!!!!!!. I will never eat there again. And that's a promise. I get better from my local fast food place. We just hated it

I enjoy their food (especially their lunch specials) and have always had great customer service at any location we visit. It is a favorite restaurant of my 7 year old.

We have gone to Applebees on many occasions and have had no problems. However, the past couple of weeks we ended up going twice due to a get together and gift cards. Both times were horrible. I spoke to the manager last time, he was very understanding. He told me the hostess that I had an issue with had more complaints that day, and several on days past. Why do we keep these people around, their are many happy people that would love the job of greeting others! Be greatful for having a job, be nice to your guests, I am a paying customer!

It is just okay! Nothing that makes me keep going back! I did forget my debit card and the ladies were very polite and put it up for me.

I have had excellent service from Applebee''s every time, and the waitresses are always fast and polite. They have a great sense of humer.

I have always had a good experience at Applebees. I understand that it is not a fine dining experience but it is a family friendly restaurant with foods adults and children may enjoy! Great for a family.

Where I live, Applebee's is one of the nicer, "non-fast food" restaurants in town. For the most part, they do a good job of greeting the customers and getting the food out in a timely manner. The situation you were in was a result of very poor customer service and I am astonished that they didn't do anything to try and rectify the situation - REGARDLESS of who was right or wrong on the timing. When I worked in that line of business, the customer was always right and we tried to rectify the situation so everyone was happy, especially the customer.

we have always enjoyed Applebees! Always have to take half the meal home!