Gerber Puffs

Gerber Puffs

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My son use to love these then i guess he grew tired of them but they are a great non messy snack. The only downfall is the price

My son never gravitated towards these. The flavor he enjoyed but always complained that they felt funny in his mouth. They do have an odd texture, but they were easy for him to hold and helped with hand, eye, mouth coordination.

perfect snack for babies and it is not messy to carry and pack. easy to clean up as well. and they taste pretty good :)

My daughter loves these. They are easy to grab and the flavor is good.

my son really loves these however they are a little more pricy so i usually just go with the off brand.

I like giving them to my little one even my 5 year old like them. They are just the right size for my toddler...

My kiddos were okay with eating these when they were little. They come in different flavors, and are bite-sized for little mouths. They melt a little too, which helps keep your little ones from choking.

My children will eat this only when they want to not there go to.

These are great beginning finger foods for infants. I like that they dissolve in the mouth so they don't become a choking hazard. My kids have all preferred them over Cheerios. However, they are priced too high. I recommend the store brands for this; same benefits at a lower cost.

Need more flavors. Wish Gerber made more flavors. And weren't so expensive. My younger 2 son's love them though.

My grandson loves these little snacks. He eats the generic just fine to and not so expensive. Could go down in price

My little ten month old Son, LOVES these little food puffs. We bought her the banana flavor, but there are many flavors available. The good thing about these little stars is that they taste good and are easy for little ones to pick up. They also are good practice for finger dexterity. These little MAGIC STARS -- as we call them -- melt right away in baby's mouth. Great food for those babies just starting to eat table food. They are a good little food for snack time or any time. Easy, convenient packaging makes traveling easy too. Your baby will love these.

My son likes graduates, that's not saying A LOT.....because he'll eat almost anything, but the graduates are extremely convenient and easy to portion while running errands or taking car trips.

i used this product when it first came out and my youngest child loved it easy for his little fingers andmy older ones ate it as well when he wasnt looking. very affordable recommend this to all mothers.

My Nieces love them they are 5 & 2 now so I thought they would be moving on to other products. But now that they are old enough to ask for them by name, & they do frequently