Taylor Swift Fearless

Taylor Swift Fearless

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I have a 12 year old daughter and she is a huge Taylor Swift fan!!! I love the fact that she is a good role model and I like her music too. :)

I just love her music

She is adorable and extremely talented. She also appreciates her success and it's nice to see someone her age that isn't out partying all the time.

love her songs ..

i just love her voice

Love her!!!!!

You will abousalutly fall in love with these cheerful songs reminding me mostly of back inthe day when i was in hight school and all in love crazy with boys in general its really cute CD.

i love taylor swift she is such a good role model compared to most of hollywoods stars lately, she is very personal in her songs and has the ability to pull you in no matter what age you are with atleast one of her songs and you feel like she knows exactly what you have gone through. her music is good!!!! i would recommend it to anyone

I love love love Taylor Swift every song by her is amazing! Her music is great for teens and I always lister to Mean when someone makes me sad at school! Her music makes me happy! Thanks Taylor for making such amazing music! I love you!

Love Taylor Swift. This is great music and you never get tired of hearing it!

omg! i love her she makes some good songs :)) thumbs up

i think this perfume smells so good but then again all of her perfumes smell so good.

My girls and I love this album, we listen to it every time we are in the car! She has a great voice and is so down to earth!

my lil girl try to sing her songs. just. love the music

i maybe an adult but man I love listening to this album! I love that she writes her own songs, can play the guitar and is just plain cute! I think she is an awesome role model for all young people. This album has some beautiful and some funny songs. You can tell that she is really finding her voice in the music industry more in this album! Love it!