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  • Regsmimi By  Regsmimi    

    Love this, it makes my skin soft, but also makes it look fuller, less tiney wrinkles

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Oh how I love it. I loved the consistency of the cream. And it helped my skin.

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  • LetsTalk1 By  LetsTalk1    

    I love this product, it makes my skin moisture and refresh my skin. Great item

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  • ginnay By  ginnay    

    I have tried this and don't like the feel of it under makeup so I tend to use it at night.

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  • goldencz By  goldencz    

    like the feel, but I didn't feel that product offered the moisture and hydration product claimed. A no for me.

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  • ModernRuralLiving By  ModernRuralLiving    

    I love the way this feels on my skin. It's super moisturizing and it makes my skin feels extra clean.

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  • TmrVlz84 By  TmrVlz84    

    I received this as a sample and was so impressed. It makes my skin feel so hydrated and soft. The next time I go to Clinique I will be purchasing the full size bottle of this!

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  • Yessi02 By  Yessi02    

    I've tried this in a sample size and I love love loved it! It is so lightweight and perfect for your skin I definitely would recommend this product

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  • Meme0842 By  Meme0842    

    Really love this and it helps keep my face from getting all dry and oily.

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  • jenroy By  jenroy    

    Works excellent over a rich cream for eczema.

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  • tinojen By  tinojen    

    not only do I love this moisture surge for myself but my family and clients. I take it out of the fridge and use it as a facial mask during a facial or I apply it on myself with bb cream. I like that it is refreshing on my skin and it is light!

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  • ShellyPet By  ShellyPet    

    not greasy, but a little heavy

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  • Torybeth By  Torybeth    

    I loved this moisturizer! I have sensitive skin so I can not do anything to greasy or it looks funny on me. This moisturizer coved the really dry skin but was not to heavy on the normal skin. I will def buy again.

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  • someday By  someday    

    I like this product but would not buy it again. It is not greasy or heavy and you can't tell you are even wearing it. I need something a little bit heavier for my dry skin.

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  • CraysMom By  CraysMom    

    I love Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. I can not live without it. My skin feels so fresh and smooth after using it. It give my face a younger fresh look and feel.

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