Red Box DVD Rentals

Red Box DVD Rentals

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I really like Red Box DVD rentals. It is quick and easy. Especially if you reserve your movie ahead of time so you don't hold people up while you search for a movie at the kiosk. I am not too impressed with the movie selection at times but, the convenience and price still earns it 4 stars in my book.

I have found Red Box DVD rentals to be convenient and easy to use. The added option of checking availability online is extrememly helpful. You can browse through the inventory available at RedBox locations nearby and it even provides the option to 'hold for pick-up'.

Redbox has always been hit or miss for me. There is usually only one or two movies out of the selection that I would like to watch! I'm not crazy about the price increase, but its still cheaper than renting from iTunes or your cable ondemand. Lets just say I'm on the fence with it.

I love red box. Quick, easy, and simple. They have tons of locationstoo. Do i can do my grocery shopping and grab a movie on the way out.

I love red box. Quick, easy, and simple. They have tons of locationstoo. Do i can do my grocery shopping and grab a movie on the way out.

I love redbox, no gimmicks, easy, simple and quick. Returns are easy and they always offer a discount on your second rental if not free.

I use this when I have a code to rent for free(which is more frequent than you think it is). I use it so I can watch new releases without having to wait for it to be available on Netflix (I have both instant play and rent 1 at a time). Great customer service.

Redbox is great. There are always so many coupons that you can recive or get online. Movies and games form 1.29 to 2.00. Way better than On-Demand.

I enjoy the convenience of it.

I love redbox! They have locations that are easy to get to, they have coupon codes all the time and they are inexpensive to rent from. They also have a great choice to pick from and the process to rent is quick and painless!!

great price with the ease of use! wish however the video game choices were not so slim for the kids!

I think this a great concept but I still preferably would rather go to a video store....because some people dont have a card to use with it :-(

Red Box has a pretty good selection of movies. It's not always up and running when I go by to either pick-up or drop-off a movie so it can be an inconvenient task, since we have to go to it for the service. Other than that, great idea and affordable!

Has a great selection of movies and I love checking the reviews online before I rent! :) Their website is easy to use and it's easy to reserve a movie for Fri and sat nights :)

Love Redbox - The price is right and it's simple and easy. I can look online to see what movies are in the Redboxes in my area, so no disappointment that the box is out of what we wanted. It's easy and being able to drop off anywhere is just too good. I have never had any problem with a movie not playing properly.