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  • jenshinn By  jenshinn    

    I seem to have sensitive skin as far as my legs go, so I can NOT use cheap razors at all. I tried this razor and loved it. No nicks or razor rash at all. It will last twice as long if you dry it off after each use. Nice product.

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  • Becca57 By  Becca57    

    This is a product I absolutely cannot live without!!

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  • marciep By  marciep    

    I actually like this razor alot

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  • jygriebel By  jygriebel    

    Pretty good razor that is reasonably priced.

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  • tfeldman By  tfeldman    

    This is the best razor on the marketing right now. I have recommended this to every woman I speak with - I won't ever use another razor as long as this one it out.

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  • unhipchick By  unhipchick    

    This razor is five blades of shaving perfection! Since I started using this razor, I don't think I have cut myself even once. The five blades do an excellent job and leave my legs smooth and silky.

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  • br1684 By  br1684    

    This has to be one of my favorite razors. I go back and forth between this and the venus breeze. Great, close it!

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  • ChapstickGypsy By  ChapstickGypsy    

    A little pricey, but worth it.

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  • flaca805 By  flaca805    

    Glides with your body.. that i love!

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  • Halcute By  Halcute    

    I love this razor. It is not harsh on the skin and shaves well. The only thing as that for the price (both of separate cartridges and full razor) the head gets dull after a short time (but still lasts longer then other razors)

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    This is the only razor I will use. The five blades get a really nice close shave and my legs always feel super soft after shaving. Definitely worth the money!

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  • murphnm By  murphnm    

    it gets the job done & I like the look of it.

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  • Premiermom By  Premiermom    

    I have used this product and I love it!! Never have cut myself while using it and it leaves my skin very soft!

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  • johnson3113 By  johnson3113    

    Great razor, smooth shave leaving legs smooth and uncut. Love this product but would buy it more often if the price would come down.

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    I cannot bing myself to use any other razor than this one, after 2 months of using my Embrace, i ran out of cartidges and decided to use a disposable i had stored in the closet... HUGE mistake! It felt like i was scraping off my skin... I got as far as one swipe! never again will i even attempt to use anything else. It is so gentle and smooth the first time you use it you cant believe its getting any hair.. but amazinly my skin is so much softer and smoother, no missed spots, i dont have to go over my legs 100 times to get every last hair, truly wonderful, I would reccomend this to everyone!

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