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  • laice52487 By  laice52487    

    would not recommend the brush is very small and i had to apply at least 10 times to get any product on my eye lash it seemed. don't buy!

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  • SChowdhury By  SChowdhury    

    spider lashes for haloween...i think yes

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  • alexis_hager By  alexis_hager    

    I would never use this mascara again! It did absolutely nothing for my lashes. TERRIBLE

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  • 6pennies By  6pennies    

    i wouldn't buy again i didnt like it

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  • karamcclerkin By  karamcclerkin    

    I absolutely love love love this tube! Great value. It made my last look so full and gives you lashes a little curl. This will be my go to.

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  • schylerryoko By  schylerryoko    

    The brush of this reminded me of Benefit Better Than Sex mascara's brush however I didn't really care for the formula. If you're looking for a natural look, this is for you however it is not dramatic.

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  • bundiestar By  bundiestar    

    Keep the lashes long but not full... dont love this

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  • SoulUnique By  SoulUnique    

    Rimmel has my favorite mascara, but it isn't this one. This one may work for some, but isn't the right one for me.

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  • Gghardin By  Gghardin    

    I used this one time and i liked it but i am not sure if that is enough to give a review. I did like that it did not clump on my eyes like alot of mascara did. I even looked for it to buy again and could not find it. I bought the one i used in a Family Dollar that was going out of business. When i went back it was sold out, but it was a very good mascara. I am pickey with my mascara too!

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  • Stayathomewife By  Stayathomewife    

    I can't tell a difference from the curved brush and regular brush, but that could just be me. Although I personally do know people that love it.

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  • Randiyoung By  Randiyoung    

    Love it

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    great mascara for every day

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I would have liked it if it didn't feel slightly greasy on. Maybe I just got a weird bottle but I don't think I'll try it again.

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  • SavannahBeth By  SavannahBeth    

    I absolutely love this mascara! It looks great, the brush somehow gives my lashes enough curl to make my smallish eyes appear larger, and the price is usually quite reasonably. Unfortunately, since relocating, I haven't seen this in stock anywhere I've shopped--I've actually held off buying replacement mascara in hopes of coming across this somewhere, and I can't put off buying a replacement anymore. Seeing this product up for review gave me hope that at least it hasn't been discontinued!

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  • Amber805 By  Amber805    

    I love this mascara hold my lashes all day! My lashes look longer and fuller.

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