Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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This product works alright although I have noticed that it does not remove or cover odors completely. The scents are also a little overpowering.

I like this product. But it is more to freshen a room with a nice scent. I would use this in my living room and bedrooms not for like bathrooms or kitchen odors.

The product smells good, but can still smell the bad odor lingering.

not a fan of the ingredients they use, even if the smells are nice it's just not worth it.

I love the different scent variations, the scent lingers for a while. I recommend for everyone to try at least once.

Love the scents of these products but wished they lasted longer.

Febreze Air Effects removes bad smells and freshens any room.

i love the smells Febreze Air Effects gives you...it doesnt last long, but great product for the price.

I love febreze they have the right scent for everyone nose and they last a good amount of time.

I love Febreze Air Effects, but I wish the scents lasted longer!!

love this stuff smells amazing

I love the scents that Febreze has been coming out with lately. I wish the scent lasted longer but for the money, it's a good product.

Love this product, I use it for stinky baseball bags and cleats

Febreeze air effects provides great scents that do not just mask the smell, It demolishes it! In my opinion Febreeze has the best to offer when it comes to air fresheners! Love my Febreeze!!

I must say that I saw the commercial for the Febreze Air Effects and was highly hopeful as to what the product could provide. I held dreams of one or two sprays eliminating all the unpleasant smells that a two year old is able to create. I was not satisfied unfortunately. I expected more. The scents wear off rather quickly and do not provide the freshening effects promised. It works like your typical aerosol air freshener temporarily providing a pleasant smell that lasts a short time. On a positive note they do provide a wonderful array of scents to choose from including some of the Febreze favorites like Dragon Fruit. The can itself is made for ease of use with a spraying mechanism that allows for good coverage and requires little hand pressure.