Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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Love this, smells great, easy to find coupons for.

I have the Blue can one, It's the Brazilian one. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Wal-marts price's are good on them. Also I have 2 buy 1 get 1 free coupons!

One of my favorite scents. Goes great with my beach themed bathroom. Coupons are easy to come by too.

This is a wonderful scent and it really covers up bad odors and lasts a long time. The price on the Febreeze products are also great.

a friend gave me one to try and just love the smells and have been buying them myself thanks to her sharing with me . wonderful scents too.

This really does smell good. The fresh smelling one is the best. Very clean smelling. I really like febreze products.

Very effective for me.

love these sprays. I use them everywhere. I also like that they have seasonal scents.

The best fragranced spray on the market that delivers! I use it everywhere.

love this product havent use another air freshner since i got my hands on this one... luv it i love all there smells well except the vanilla one is my least fav luv it

These are great for making your home smell clean and fresh quickly. With 3 boys and a husband, I don't always have time to make the house smell good after they come in from playing outside, or doing yard work. So spraying this really helps.

Great for helping the house smell fresh & clean which is sometimes hard to do with pets & such a small living space... & I love to spray it near the intake of the central air - helps it quickly spread throughout the house...

I love the Febreze with Gain. If I need a quick clean smell to dull odors, its my go-to. I love the clean scent.

This i the best air freshener I have used. I went through plenty of brands until I found Febreze. This product really clears the odor and leaves a lovely fragrance in the air.

Love it. Great way to cover up unwanted smells especially when you have a kid in diapers and cats. Love this product.