Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

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I had never used a roller ball eye treatment before, and I must say, I was very impressed by the results. The metal ball and added caffiene quickly reduce puffiness, dark circles, and my eyes look awake and refreshed. I use this everyday and if you have tired puffy eyes, you definately want to try this product. It also is reasonably priced. Great Product!

I dint see any change. I will keep using it for a month to see if it helps with my dark circles.

This product didn't do a thing for the under eye circles nor did it reduce the wrinkles.

I love this product. It is a quick fix when you have swollen puffy eyes even dark circles. I keep mine in the refrigerator and it is a little miracle in a tube. it doesn't leave residue on your face and you can pat it into your skin very easily

On some mornings I wake up with really puffy eyes. I notice a big difference when I apply the product. It is cool and soothing as well. Great product.

Like the idea of this product, but ddont think it does much. I keep it in the fridge and apply it in the morning before makeup so that hopefully the cold tip and caffeine in the product help my under eye bags; but although this feels nice, it does not do too much for de-puffing.

I am kind of surprised with the negative reviews. First of all, I noticed an immediate difference with the puffiness around my eyes after applying in the morning. I noticed an even bigger difference after using it religiously for several months. I wasn't good at applying lotion or other products under the eyes which is why I love this product because you just roll it on and tap it in. It gives my under eye area lots of moisture which is very important. If you give it a chance and stick to you, there should be results. I will buy this product again.

I would not buy this product again...did nothing to help the bags under my eyes.

I have been waking up with huge puffy eyes. I must say I bought it and immediately I saw my eyes begin to reduce in puffiness. It's not a face lift in a bottle, but if you have congested eyes in the a.m. it can really help!

I never leave home without using this! Love the tinted one as well.

I love their products just never use them like I Should I would see better results

would love to try this out.

Very disappointed with this product. It feels good when applying and cool but does nothing to my puffy under eyes.

I do not recommend this product at all. Have been using it for 6 months and see no change what so ever.

Feels nice & cool on application but I didn't notice a difference when using it regularly.