Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks

Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks

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The brushes aren't exactly the easiest to maneuver. I ended up making a mess on some of my nails and have to re-do them. I got it as a "sample" from a Cravebox subscription so at least I didn't spend too much on it. Honestly I'd rather spend the money (however much it is) on a nail polish bottle. I'm giving it 2-stars because the product is "quick" to use so they can come in handy for those who are skilled.

Chips easy. And brush is to thick. But I do like the colors.

Not worth the money. For how much you get for your money and how the product actually works, your better off buying a bottle. The quickness of it, isnt worth it.

Not a bad product for a quick and easy nail look, but it isnt long wearing. Chips pretty easy.

Not a big fan of these. They are kind of messy if your unfamiliar with the product. I only bought them once and haven't bought them since.

doesn't cover well.

This did not work well. It left huge smears from the paint on the brush. The brush was not a good size. This is good in thought, but did not work out for me.

these did not work very well and came off to fast. Goes on to thick and is messy

These polish sticks weren't what I was expecting. I don't like the brushes as they are way too thick.

These handi things make it so easy to draw designs on your nails. I love them and do not know how I ever did my nails without them.

Not a bad product for a quick and easy nail look, but it isnt long wearing. Chips pretty easy.

quick and on the go

hate these pain to apply with click button

These seem to cover well enough, but the biggest issue with them is that the sticks clump up with the polish overtime or you push them and too much or not enough polish comes out. Also, if a child gets a hold of one, then you might as well throw it away because all the polish will be oozed out everywhere.

I was not a fan of this product. The first time I used it, I spend more time using nail polish remover to clean up around my nails because the brush was so big. I thought it would be perfect to take on vacation to fix chipped nails but it turned out to be more of a hassle.