Nintendo Wii Fit

Nintendo Wii Fit

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I love my wii fit! The yoga is my personal favorite, but I enjoy every game and exercise on it. I even enjoy taking the body tests. It's just fun for the whole family.

This is a fun and innovative way to exercise. My one complaint is its use of BMI. I have several friends that are considered 'obese' in this game. In reality, they are very fit people and muscle mass weighs more than fat.

I don't play the wii very much, but I have played this and it is very good, get you worked up and everything.

Easy to use and fun for the whole family. We enjoy using this as a family. The preschooler can even get in on the fun instead of just watching game play.

My son got this with his Wii several years ago. We still use, my son and a daughter. We have so much fun with it. We love keeping up with the fitness changes, the co-ordination challenges, just all around "playing" together. I don't enjoy video games per say, but what better way to have quality time with a son...a teenage son at that! And for my son and daughter (college age) to connect. The fact that it really does give a GREAT workout is such a side bonus!

I have owned my Nintendo wii Fit for over 3 years. I really enjoy all of the games and trying to beat the other family members high achievements in the game! It is GREAT for kids as well as adults to play. I light the stepping program as you can watch TV and only hear the steps sounding in the background. The bike route is really fun too. I have also done the YOGA for quite sometime. The only bad thing that I have to say for the game is it will tell you that you are OVERWEIGHT or OBESE ("that's OBESE!") and the little fat person runs out. This is NOT a positive comment and it makes me not want to weigh on it or use it in front of my family or friends! That being said, I do use it when I am by myself and have lost weight! JUST GET RID OF THE LITTLE FAT PERSON ALREADY!

I had this game when it first came out....It's so much fun....and playing it is like a workout so you can lose weight too. There are so many games in the system so you are never tired of the games. They have a workout mode but a game model so it's fun for everyone. The only problem is you need space so you can move around and play. But it's a great game and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

fun and not boring!

When I can get my little ones to leave the room for a while I love working out (ok playing) the wii fit. My favorite is the stepper. I like that it tracks my progress (and slip ups) but does it really have to say.. "Oh" when I step up to be weighed? I am waiting for the thing to say.. "Will one of you please step off" It is great for those that want to workout at home or are looking for a way to get a little more movement into their day. I do wish more of the exercises could be multi player but there are other options available when it is play time.

I homeschool my children, and live in Washington state where it rains 10 month out of the year! I use this for PE daily! I love it because it keeps track of their exercise, and calories!

This is a fun way to work out. All u have to do is turn it on and u have a practically free gym. The exercises and goals applied give u something to really look forward to achieving. The work outs are challenging and fun. Also a great way to regain balance.

I use to play like every day. It was fun. My favorite was boxing and hula hoop

Good workouts, lots of fun, and I love how it keeps track of everything.

I love using the Wii Fit to track my weight. It's so helpful in telling me where I should be and how to get there. I used this when I was losing my baby weight with my first one. I am pregnant again but come the end of August, I will be using this to start all over.

I LOVED playing Wii Fit. It would get a little repetitive over time. It was fun to challenge and see the weight change in house guest, friends, and even PETS! If was too cold to hit the gym, or work went over/classes were tiring, I loved getting out my Wii Fit and in the comfort of my room/home, getting a work out in. I did have a few issues with the step and sensor meeting up at times. My step also gave out and stopped working after 2 years.