Ghirardelli Squares Milk & Truffle

Ghirardelli Squares Milk & Truffle

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I too received my package on Saturday. This is by far the best chocolate treat I have ever had. My hubby is not a real sweets eater, but he loves this milk chocolate and dark chocolate truffle mixture. In fact, everyone in the house had to "test" it along with me and all of them love it as much as I do. I will definitely buy this chocolate for myself and my family. Kudos to a great product!

We loved these. It was such a nice surprise when they melted in your mouth. Even our child, who hates chocolate, loved them. I almost had to fight him over the bag. ;)

I'm not much of a chocolate lover compared to most people, but these squares are definitely a treat - even for me. I love how they crumble, but still melt the instant they touch your tongue. That's a perfect chocolate to me. I have to say that the image of the truffle filling pouring out on the bag isn't very accurate. I found the filling to to be an almost identical consistency to the chocolate itself - soft but not gooey at all. No matter - they were still delicious!

I received my bag of Ghirardelli Milk & Truffle squares in the mail on Saturday. Opened them to try one and see if I liked it - sorry to tell you this - but within 2 hours they were all gone! *L* They are delicious. Love the flavor. The only flavor of Ghirardelli I don't care for (but will eat it if "forced").... is the peppermint bark. I'm not a fan of peppermint in anything. The filling isn't gooey, but it tastes delicious. I would love to see these in dark chocolate, as I'm a bigger fan of that flavor than milk chocolate - but that won't stop me from buying these again!

I received my SheSpeaks Ghiradelli Chocolate package the other day. I opened the bag, gave one to my boyfriend and gave one to myself to try them out. He enjoyed it and I really enjoyed it! I don?t always purchase Ghiradelli chocolate because I find some of their flavors are hit or miss for me, plus if I?m in the store and I?m going for what?s familiar, I tend to gravitate towards that. These chocolates, the Milk & Truffle variety are VERY good! The chocolate has a slight bite with the outside shell, but is soft and smooth. It literally melts in your mouth and is something you can savor bite by bite. It has a very nice flavor, the inner flavor giving the illusion of a truffle. What I really liked about this chocolate was it had no aftertaste. I find sometimes with chocolates after you?re done chewing, you get that, mildly funky even waxy taste in your tongue. You don?t get that with this at all! But what?s great is these remind me of an old school chocolate my mom used to give me once in a while ? a milk chocolate ice cube candy. Serving size on this is 3, but I only ate one and was satisfied with that. This will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

Received my bag of ghirardelli chocolates today. Hubby opened it right away before I could and eat it! Well, I can't blame him. Tasted so good we can't stop eating till they are gone. Will probably buy more with or without coupons. I am always and will definitely be a GHIRARDELLI Fan!

Satisfying and great smooth texture. Usually I'm a dark chocolate and caramel girl. I may switch over to the milk side of chocolate with these babies.

It truly melts in your mouth! So delicious! I can't wait to try the other flavors.

They are okay... I prefer other Ghiradelli Squares flavors.

I received my Ghirardelli Milk and Truffle kit in the mail today and I rushed to give me review. This is about the best chocolate treat I have ever tasted! It is melt in your mouth, rich, sweet and creamy good. I am a very tough critic for my sweet treat choices and hate when they give you low grade chocolate or mess with the taste to much, however Ghirardelli produced pure perfection. I shared with my parents and all they could say was, "wow", "MmmM". Compliments to the chef!

I received my package today and OH MY GOODNESS!! These are wonderful! I was already a fan of GHIRARDELLI and they've given me an additional reason to continue being a fan!!

I just got this in the mail today and all I have to say is I'm going out in a snow storm to buy more! These are so good nice and creamy!

Got the sample in the mail yesterday and I couldn't wait to open the package. These chocolates are wonderful. Creamy and delicious. I think my husband ate half the bag already and told me how good they are. I will definately be going out to buy more of these soon. I put the bag in the refrigerator on the door so they can be easily accessible. :) A real tasty treat!

I love chocolate and this is going to be my favorite one it is so smooth and the filling is delicious.It's a must try

I love this product! It made me want to have chocolate for breakfast when I got up this morning!!! haha.