Ghirardelli Squares Milk & Truffle

Ghirardelli Squares Milk & Truffle

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I just got my chocolates today. Even though I am more a fan of dark chocolate, these were great!

These are AMAZING! I would definitely buy these again. The chocolate and the truffle center melt in your mouth. I think this might just be my favorite Ghirardelli flavor. My favorite before was the caramel one, but this new truffle one is pretty hard to top! Definitely would recommend it to anyone who loves chocolate!

oh my god!!!!!!!!! i tasted the chocolate..........i cant explain what i really amazing. I agree what ever the other people about the chocolate.Defenitily it will be one of my favourite chocolate hereafter ...all of my family members and friends liked it a lot.

The Ghirardelli chocolates where amazing!!! Really good!!! The truffle center was wonderful!!!

I absolutely loved this. It has to be my favorite of all the Ghiradelli chocolates. It was a smooth and creamy flavor that just melted in your mouth!

Ghirardelli has mastered another sweet treat. These are sweet and smooth with a pleasant aftertaste. I like the size of the squares and even though I wanted more I could resist eating the whole bag. I would certainly buy these as a gift too!

I love ghirardelli chocolates, they just melt in your mouth. I would highly recommend to all chocolate lovers!

Last night I tried these for the first time, yum is the word. A person might think, yawn, another chocolate so what. Not these, these are creamy and sweet, the middle layer just surprises you with another addition of delight, I can't think of another chocolate that even compares to it. These are definately the way to go when you want to pamper yourself.

It's taking me a lot of strength not to eat the whole bag of Ghirardelli Milk & Truffle in on sitting! The smooth exterior of milk chocolate combined with the creamy center of truffle makes this a truly decadent treat. The richness of the truffle center brings an added elegance to just the plain chocolate. The squares themselves are a perfect size but pack the extra added chocolatey goodness. I have tried other Ghirardelli products and this is up there with the rest of them!

Amazing! So smooth and delicious!

I received my bag of Ghiradelli Chocolate from SheSpeaks yesterday and I have to say it is awesome. I love the way it melts in your mouth, so rich and creamy. The Truffle part adds just the right amount of rich creaminess. All I can say is yum, I have had to hide them to keep my kids and husband from eating them all. I encourage anyone who loves chocolate to try them.

Received my bag of Ghiradelli and as expected was sooo delicious! Took a bite and the chocolate justed melted in my mouth. Another Ghiradelli flavor that is certain not to disappoint! Would love this even more in dark chocolate.

Absolutely love the Ghirardelli brand chocolates. The Milk & Truffle is delicious; smooth milk chocolate and a creamy truffle center!

The chocolate is VERY smooth and delicious, however, I think it is a bit too chocolatey for my taste. I would prefer the caramel filling or a different flavor than the truffle. Overall, great candy!

i love ghirardelli chocolates and brownie mix...but not a real milk chocolate fan. i figured i would give them a try. i was pleasantly surprised. they were very creamy and had a nice, rich flavor. definitely a fan of the smaller portion (i.e. "square"). now the problem is having to walk away from the bag after just eating one!