Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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Very yummy - just way too easy to eat too many calories in one sitting.

They are ok, they are just a little too sweet for my taste buds and I can't eat more than a couple because they dry out my mouth.

soooooooooooooo bomb

I love these cookies. But i wish they made a healther version!!

Love these! Cool Spider Cookies: Add some small licorice peices to the sides as if they are legs and a dab of icing on the top for eyes and stick two MandM's. Was a hit at my son's Halloween Birthday party. Even better with the orange cream filling.

I love the cookie part, but I hate the center. It tastes like sugar and water mixed. I usually scrape off the middle and give it to my sister when we eat oreos together.


This product tastes great, but it is an indulgence with the nutritional value and has the icky hydrogenated oils included.

I love the different varieties but I think they are expensive compared to store brands that have similar qualities

Oreo's and milk, one of my daughter's favorite snacks. Double stuffed are the best.

Oreo is a good cookie i dont eat very much but My kids sure like them

I like Hydrox better - taste is the same, price is less.

I tell this much about Oreos they are some very goooood cookies.

A definite classic and I can't keep them in my pantry for fear of eating them all. Recently though they have been giving me headaches if I eat them so I must be getting old. The result? A bit of a downgrade for me to only 3 stars. So sorry Oreo!

Taste great, but who made up the serving size?? Really??