Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

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I am a picky person when it comes to drinking milk and when I have Oreo I have to have some milk. It is the only time i really drink milk. I love Oreo. Will buy a lot. Its a good way for me to get my vitamin D.

Delicious and messy! I used to love oreo cookies with a cold glass of 1% milk.

Thes are so addicting!! They taste so good.

Friggin LOVE these! I always split mine up and dunk them and devour!!

I eat the cream first than the cookie!! With a glass of milk you can't go wrong.

i love oreos best cookies ever...

I love oreo cookies especially when they are dipped in milk. No other sandwich cookie comes close. I have always been a fan of the oreo chocolate sandwich cookie and always will be.

i dont know anyone who doesnt like oreos - but you have it eat them by dunking them in milk first ;)

Who doesn't love Oreos? The best dipped in milk! I personally love the Double Stuff Oreos! I recently tried Creamsicle Oreos and those are AMAZING! I love the different types they come out and like to try them out. Oreos are one of my favorite snacks to keep around the house (but they don't last long!).

You cannot beat Oreo's! Soak them in milk until they're soft... YUM!!

I love Oreo cookies so much. No cookie tastes like Oreo. I like these originals the best, not the disgusting, too sweet double stuffed ones. They are especially good when dipped in milk. I also like that there are a lot of recipes you can use these with -- for example: Oreo truffles. I hope they never change.

These cookies have been a favorite in family forever it seems. They are the best dippin' cookie, the best on ice cream.

always a favorite

Favorites at my house!

I love these cookies. My mother-in-law is allergic to dairy and my best friend is vegan. They are fit for both of them to eat as a snack! I still remove the cream filling and only eat the cookie myself. Sometimes the filling is too sweet for me but I figure if that's the part that people like the best, taking the cookie part only helps that initiative.