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  • krr819645 By  krr819645    

    I love dawn this kind makes your hands so soft and your dishes so clean...It is a bit pricey tho but it is worth it if you can find it on sale..

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  • gatagangsta By  gatagangsta    

    I usually like the dawn soaps but this one I wasn't a big fan of. It didn't give me enough of the suds that I like when I use a dish washing soap and I felt like I had to put it on the sponge more often than usual. I didn't really like this product very much. It did leave my hands feeling soft though which I liked.

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  • GlamCityBlonde By  GlamCityBlonde    

    Dawn smells great, cleans extremely well, and has other off label uses as well. I have a girlfriend who used it to get rid of lice, and apparently it worked excellently with that (We just discussed this yesterday) and it also helps get rid of fleas on dogs, just leave it on for 10 min and the fleas die and you can wash them away. It may take an extra time or two, but it's non-toxic and safe for use on animals and people so it beats all of the chemical stuff that half the time doesn't work. We always have Dawn on hand. (pun intended)

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  • TheWhitePegasus By  TheWhitePegasus    

    I like this product! I love dawn dish soap. It makes my hands feel nice.

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  • jyoti81 By  jyoti81     SheSpeaks Tester

    i love it never want to try other products

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  • frizzyborden By  frizzyborden    

    This does work really well at moisturizing your hands, but I had the lavender kind, and it smells so horribly. I had to throw it away because the smell gave me such of a big headache every time I used it or smelled it. I still recommend it because it works. I just hope you can handle the smell better than I did.

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  • holliewood0223 By  holliewood0223    

    I think Dawn is a great dish detergent...so needless to say this hand renewal made my day since I am always washing dishes. I do not have a dish washer I am the dish washer so this stuff is a great cleaning supply.

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  • washingtinlady By  washingtinlady    

    i liked the smell, but i did not think it lasted very long, i mean i kept having to add more to my dish rage as i as washing. but my hands no longer cracked after washing so many dishes! And it is a little pricy, worth it? Only if you need something to not be so harsh on your hands! (as other soaps may be)

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  • waltenja By  waltenja    

    I have a particular type of eczema which is very painful. It is aggravated by soaps and cleansers and even just being wet. This is the first and ONLY dish soap which does not seem to cause outbreaks. I love it!

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  • goinggreener By  goinggreener    

    I just recently bought this product (had a coupon!). I am really satisfied with it, seems to last a long time. It would be a little pricey with out the coupon though.

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  • bernicecookie By  bernicecookie    

    I used to be afraid of washing the dishes because of my long nails. Not anymore. A little less than a miracle, but still high on the list!

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  • heathermouberry By  heathermouberry    

    I love this stuff. It smells good and is great for my hands. Its so gentle for my hands when washing dishes but has all the cleaning power I need. It is so worth it.

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  • MyEmptyCanvas By  MyEmptyCanvas    

    I love this dish soap. It doesn't seem so expensive to me, since I stock up on it during sales and ALWAYS use coupons for it. Great product and I love how my hands feel after use. Nice scent too :D

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  • gagirl74 By  gagirl74    

    I had a coupon so I decided to tryDawn's Hands Renewal with Olay . I loved the scent and how it made my hands feel so soft after about a week. Dawn is the best dish washing liquid. It is priced higher than regular dawn but it is worth the extra money. Use a coupon and it will cost about the same.

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  • teencee By  teencee    

    I love this dishwashing soap! It is the only kind i use now! My hands feel soft after doing a huge load of dishes & it gets the dishes squeaky clean. always get coupons for this so it doesnt cost me much more than other kinds.

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